What Does Artichoke Taste Like?

Artichokes are hardly considered popular food, and many find it hard to describe their tastes. Read on to know what does artichoke taste like

For many people, artichoke does not even look like food. Even when you have toured around your grocery shop a million times, chances are you won’t always notice artichoke or even recognize it.

It’s by no means popular, and its taste is a mystery to a lot of folks out there.

So in case you are wondering what these strange little flower-like vegetables taste like, this article will decipher the mystery behind the taste of artichokes.

Trust us; you do not need actually to try artichokes to know what does artichoke taste like. Keep reading to find out and then decide if this is something you’d like to add to your meal.

What Is An Artichoke? and Taste of Artichoke?

taste of artichoke

First thing first, what exactly is an artichoke? Is it a kind of vegetables, or herbs, or fruits? A lot of people are confused about artichokes when they first see them due to their odd looks.

It is understandable to be confused because intrinsically, the artichoke at your local market is the base of an artichoke flower plant.

To put it simply, an artichoke plant consists of two major parts: the base, which is edible and cultivated as food and the flower bud which will come into bloom to become artichoke flowers.

In other words, artichokes are considered vegetables and what we are eating is the immature portion of the artichoke plant.

One key feature of artichokes is that they boast a high number of essential vitamins and minerals, together with dietary fiber, folic acid, and antioxidants.

Thus, artichokes are considered excellent options for a healthy diet, and you should consider adding them to your shopping list for the next time.

What Does Artichoke Taste Like?

what does artichokes taste like - what does artichoke taste like

Now that we know, artichokes are vegetables and completely edible, we will address the important question of this article: What does artichoke taste like?

We can’t judge the taste of the food by its looks, and the same goes for artichokes. They do look a bit “inedible,” but properly cooked artichokes can make a delicious meal.

The taste of artichokes will depend on the way they are cooked or processed. Therefore, we will explore each possible way artichoke can be processed to have the full picture of this peculiar vegetable’s taste.

Although artichokes may not be pleasant to look at, they are packed with many nutrients and are highly beneficial to your health.

Fresh Artichokes

When we say fresh artichokes, we are referring to the uncooked ones. It may surprise you that you can eat raw artichokes. Though it is not a common way to eat artichokes, it is still perfectly found to eat uncooked artichokes, and some may even enjoy it.

The plus side of eating an artichoke raw is that you will enjoy all of its nutrients, as it is rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

The taste of artichokes eaten raw can be described at the light, crunchy, nutty, and not bitter as you imagine. Raw artichokes if properly washed and prepped will make great salads.

Steamed Artichokes

Steaming is arguably the most common way to cook artichokes. It is quick, easy and effective in reserving most of the nutritional values of artichokes.

This course of action is comparable to the way rice is cooked on the stovetop, therefore it is reasonable that a rice cooker may also be used to steam artichokes.

Artichokes have a mild and some may say tasteless flavor, but artichokes once steamed are sweeter, softer and juicier.

Boiled Artichokes

The taste of boiled artichokes is almost the same as steamed artichokes. Boiled artichokes carry a somewhat sweet and nutty taste, but may not appeal to those who enjoy spicy foods.

You may add salt to the water when boiling artichokes to enhance the flavor.

Boiled or steamed artichokes can be served alone with butter, mayonnaise or other sauces to produce a unique and yummy flavor. There are endless ways to prepare and cook artichokes, so don’t be shy to come up with your way.

Fried Artichokes

Another way to prepare artichokes is to fry them. This is an interesting way to cook artichokes, as it adds more texture and flavor to artichokes and opens more possibility for the combination.

You can either pan-fry or stir-fry these vegetables. Some of the nutrients will be gone due to exposure to high heat from frying, but the taste is delicious.

  • Some compared the taste of fried artichokes to fried asparagus, but artichokes have a sweeter and nuttier flavor than asparagus.
  • Others reckon that the taste of artichokes reminds them of the taste of a fried egg white.

If you wish to deep-fry or stir-fry artichokes, make sure to use a good quality pan or pot, such as a red copper pan, to retain the full flavor.

Grilled Artichokes

Grilling is considered an unusual method to cook artichokes, but the result can be incredibly satisfying. Grilling usually enhances the food’s flavor and makes it taste better, so why not?

When grilled, the taste of artichokes becomes more distinct and intensified. They no longer taste mild or nutty, but sweeter and smoky. The texture is similar to grilled asparagus, and the taste will pleasantly surprise you.

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The taste of artichokes is unlike any other vegetables you have ever tasted, and whether you choose to boil, the steam of fry artichokes, you will be able to enjoy a healthy and nutrient food that Nature gives us.

If you have never tried artichokes before in your life, we strongly recommend you give them a try. Who knows, you may develop an addiction to this tasty vegetable.

If you are an artichoke fan, we hope this article has lived up to your expectation. Thanks for reading and remember to drop by for more interesting articles!


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