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The Tasty World” is a gourmet kitchen store and started in Aug of 2017. I strive to carry the highest quality products and hard to find items, with a prime focus on providing Best coffee grinder, Best mini rice cooker, Best Japanese Rice Cookers, Quality Stainless Steel Kitchenware, Cookware , Houseware,Soda Makers and more cooking products so I hope I can provide some of your cooking and kitchen needs at an affordable price through my website.

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Small Kitchen Ideas for Decorating

If you host an event party, it usually ends in the kitchen at the close of the evening, so why not showcase your stylish style by incorporating fresh ideas for kitchen decor? Now is the time to think about ways to fill your home with...

Why social media for restaurant marketing works better than SEO

When it comes to restaurant marketing, there are a lot of different options out there. You can do SEO, you can do social media, or you can even do a combination of the two. But which one is better? This blog post...

How to Host a Family BBQ This Winter

Although BBQs are traditionally held in summer when the weather is warm, you can easily host a great event for your loved ones in the middle of a frosty winter. As long as you’ve got a great BBQ, pellet smokers, and...

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Welcome to “The Tasty World”!  I am Tina M. Knapp originally from West Virginia and now live in Chicago. I have been a chef for eight years. Cooking has become a hobby for me, and my kitchen is the most important room in my home. {Read More}

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