What Does Cottage Cheese Taste Like?

What Does Cottage Cheese Taste Like

If you are looking for healthy cheese for your diet, cottage cheese should be on the top of the list. There are plenty of healthy cheese snacks available online, or you could buy the cheese easily at any grocery store or supermarket.

However, do you know what does cottage cheese taste like and how can you cook it? If not, you are going to find out the answer in the article.

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What Is Cottage Cheese?

What Is Cottage Cheese?

Cottage cheese is a fresh and low-calorie cheese made from cow milk. The thing that makes cottage cheese different from other types of cheese is that it doesn’t require any aging or ripening process to get the flavor.

In fact, it is quite easy to make cottage cheese, and you even can do it at home. If you want to store it for up to 6 months, you can preserve it in a vacuum sealed bag before putting it in the fridge.

The invention of cottage cheese is also a funny story when people in the 17th century came up with the recipe to make cheese from milk left over after making butter.

What Does Cottage Cheese Taste Like?

What Is Cottage Cheese?

Ironically, cottage cheese taste is the main reason why many people don’t like to eat it. It has a mild flavor and odd smell. The cottage cheese is white and has soft and creamy texture, but it is a little salty.

In fact, the flavor of the cottage is determined by the milk fat content. High fat cottage cheese has a milkier taste while cheese with low-fat content is usually sourer.

When it comes to its smell, may people say AWFUL? In fact, many people are so scared of the smell of the cheese.

It smells like spoiled milk somehow, and of course, no one wants to put the spoiled into his/her mouth. Some people even say that it smells like vomits.

The texture of cottage also makes many people scared. It is the combination of the chunky/lumpy texture and a little liquid consistency, and it looks purdy.

It is really scary for people to bite the cheese for the first time. But if we skip the scary smell and taste, cottage cheese is worth adding to our food intake.

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Rice With Cottage Cheese Recipe

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  • 1 c. cottage cheese.
  • 1 cup rice.
  • A little salt.
  • 3 tablespoons sugar.
  • Butter, size of a walnut.
  • 1/4 c. raisins.

How To Cook

  • Wash 1 cup of rice in cold water.
  • Place it in the rice cooker (read how to choose the best mini cooker) and select white rice (if there is an option).
  • Boil rice in warm water until tender, adding a little salt.
  • Rice cottage cheese, and blend well with the sugars, butter, and raisins.
  • Place layer of rice dish, cover with a layer of cheese mix, and place a second layer of rice.
  • Bake 3/4 of one hour at a moderate oven. When serving, cover with whipped cream.

Why Is Cottage Cheese So Healthy?

Cottage cheese is truly a highly recommended food for a healthy diet thanks to incredible to our health and body.

Cottage Cheese Helps To Lose Weight And Fat And Boost Muscle Growth

Since the cottage is rich in protein while low in fat, it is an ideal food for a weight-loss plan. Not to mention, cottage cheese creates the feeling of fullness, which means we don’t feel hunger and therefore, reduce the amount of food intake.

Especially, the high content of calcium in cottage cheese is proved to prevent fat accumulation and stimulate fat loss.

If you are a bodybuilder, you are sure to add cottage cheese to your diet. It is due to the richness of protein of cottage helps to stimulate the growth of muscle and reduce muscle break down.

Body-builders are recommended to eat cottage cheese before going to bed.

Increase Bone Strength

Obviously, we have got to know that cottage cheese has a large amount of protein and calcium. Besides, it also contains phosphorus. It is the combination of these nutrients which helps to boost the bone strength.

Prevent Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is among main causes of the development of diabetes and heart diseases. Luckily, the food rich in dairy calcium like cottage cheese does a good job in reducing insulin resistance.

So, you don’t want to have diabetes and diseases, try to eat more and more cottage cheese from now on.

How To Eat With Cottage Cheese

What Does Cottage Cheese Taste Like

Now comes to the most important part: how to eat with cottage cheese. In fact, you can eat fresh cottage cheese with just some salt and pepper, but you need to be brave enough to put into your mouth.

If you start eating cottage cheese, you’d better try low-fat cottage cheese because it tastes more like other cheese or you may mix the cheese with sliced banana, sliced peach or berries, which makes the cheese easier to eat.

You know, using cottage cheese as the substitute for milk in dishes is a great way to cut down on fat and calories deficit. So, you may use cottage cheese as a substitute for dishes like pancakes, waffles, dipping sauces and lasagna.

Among the dishes, lasagna is the most complicated dish with requires a lot of ingredients like beef, oregano, pepper, salt, parsley, onion, and sauce.

Also, you have to undergo many steps with a lot of cooking equipment like microwave, oven, and pan (red copper pan). But it is a delicious and nutrient dish.


Well, you have got to know key point about cottage cheese like what does cottage cheese taste like, its health benefits and how to eat with cottage cheese.

Despite the odd texture, taste, and smell, the cottage is a notorious and healthy food that you should include in your diet. You know, it can help you to lose weight, increase muscles, improve bone strengths and prevent disease.

You can use cottage cheese for both sweet and savory dishes, so trying to get over the fear of the smell and taste of the cheese. Maybe one day you will be addicted to it.

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