Foods To Lower Cholesterol And Improve Heart Rate


Are you wondering how to keep your cholesterol in control and ameliorate your heart health?

Well, it can be done if you eat healthy foods! 

It’s essential to keep your heart healthy. Cholesterol is good, while the bad kind of cholesterol can cause heart attacks and strokes. The best way to lower excessive cholesterol levels is by eating certain foods. It has been shown that certain foods can lower cholesterol levels in just a few weeks, so it’s well worth trying. Changing what you eat can improve your health directly, but it also helps reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases in the future.

Many people are worried about their cholesterol levels, but many don’t know what to eat to lower them. If you have high cholesterol, it’s pivotal to keep it safe while improving the heart health of your body. 

In this article, we have talked about the list of some foods that are proven to lower your cholesterol: 

So, let’s dig in! 


Many studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids are heart-friendly. They aid in lowering bad cholesterol { levels of LDL} and triglycerides. Omega-3 fatty acids also slow down the amount of plaque that builds up in the arteries of your body and also bring down the level of blood pressure. 

Some of the top sources of omega-3s are

  • Fatty Fish
  • Salmon
  • Trout
  • Tuna
  • and Herring

Plant-Based Oils

Are you fond of eating fried foods? If yes, then it is a matter of concern! 

Oils are not suitable for cholesterol and the heart. However, you can stir-fry your vegetables in plant-based oils. Plant-based oils are high in omega-3s and are also not bad for the heart. 

Some of the best plant-based oils are: 

  • Flaxseed oil
  • Canola oil
  • Walnut oil 
  • Soybean oil

Just be mindful of your portion size because even a tiny trickle might have a modest amount of calories.

BamNut Milk

You can buy plant-based milk if you want to keep your heart healthy and cholesterol level low. 

So, are you wondering about Plant-based milk?

No worries, BamNut Milk is totally plant-based milk that can be used in making tea, coffee, shakes, smoothies, and many more. It is made of Bambara groundnut – a regenerative crop.  BamNut Milk is available in two varieties:

  • BamNut Milk Airy 
  • BamNut Milk Barista 

The consistency of these kinds of milk is thick and naturally sweet. BamNut milk has: 

  • No Artificial Sweeteners 
  • No Artificial Colors 
  • NoPreservatives 
  • No Stabilizers 
  • No Emulsifiers

Moreover, BamNut milk is affordable to everyone. So, why wait! Start consuming plant-based BamNut milk now! 


Every fruit has some fiber in it. For example, an apple, a banana, a grapefruit, and an orange, have approximately 3 grams of fiber, but berries contain about 4 grams of fiber in it. 

Fiber is perfect for your heart and also helps in reducing bad cholesterol. You can consume a handful of raspberries (8 grams of fiber per cup) as well as berries if you want to maintain your heart health. 


Beans are one of the ideal sources of fiber. If you want to increase your heart health, you should replace meat with beans. You can eat pinto beans, kidney beans, or black beans rather than eating meat products. 

Here is a secret recipe: Boil any kind of beans and mash them. After that, give the mashed beans a round shape and shallow fry them. Finally, you can place it in a hamburger and eat it. 

Isn’t it good? Must- Try it! 


Nuts are the powerhouse of nutrition. It contains lots of fiber and protein that is very good for your heart. You can consume a handful of nuts like

  • Walnuts
  • Cashews
  • Almonds

Secret recipe: Just cut small pieces of these nuts and sprinkle them over yogurt, salads, and some cereals. It tastes so good. 


All vegetables include fiber that lowers cholesterol, but spinach is especially rich with 6 grams per cup. Remember that frozen greens have the same amount of fiber and nutrients as fresh ones if your greens frequently wilt in the refrigerator before you can consume them.


These luscious fruits are an excellent method to increase the amount of beneficial unsaturated fats in your diet. According to research, overweight and obese adults who eat one avocado daily may experience a reduction in LDL cholesterol. 

Try serving sliced avocados on whole-wheat sandwiches or in salads. 

Cereals and Whole-Grain Bread

Studies reveal that dietary fiber can help lower LDL cholesterol; however, most people do not like to eat it. To get more nourishment, try to skip refined grains with some “enriched” flours like “whole grains.” 

You can consume whole grains in your Breakfast as it is the best time to obtain a fiber boost. Furthermore, try switching to oatmeal, bran flakes cereal, or whole wheat toast. 

To Wrap Up,

With so many foods out there that are high in cholesterol, it can seem like a nearly impossible task to lower your levels. Especially when some of your favorite foods– like eggs, meat, and cheese, to name a few– are loaded with cholesterol. But the good news is that there are healthier alternatives that won’t hamper your chances for heart health and longevity. If you want to reduce your risk of developing heart disease or improve your current condition, use these foods to beat heart disease.

We hope you enjoyed the information. With proper diet, exercise and self-care, people can live longer, healthier lives.


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