5 Ways to Enjoy a Foodie-Forward Holiday


When you’re a true foodie, holidays are good for pretty much one thing: getting to try exciting new dishes and eating to your heart’s content. New cuisines, fine dining, street food and even trying out exotic ingredients – there’s just something special about eating in a different place.

If you plan all your trips dreaming about the delicacies and indulgences you’ll be experiencing, here are a few helpful tips for planning your next vacation in a way that puts food first.

Use an App

When you’re planning your itinerary, you can schedule your meals carefully too. There are plenty of apps and websites like Zomato that will help you find restaurants of any kind in whatever location you’ll be visiting. You can find great restaurants in Branson, MO or any other area in the world.

Look for brunch places, coffee shops, elegant restaurants for dinner or greasy burger takeout places.

Talk to the Locals

We all know that every city has its hidden gems that only the locals really know about. These restaurants aren’t the big franchises or the popular fine dining giants. Instead, they’re the privately-owned little coffee joints that serve the best croissants in town.

Get to know a few locals in the area while you’re travelling and ask them for their food recommendations, you might find something you never expected.

Book Self-Catering Accommodation

When you’re staying in a hotel room, you’re limited to dining out or getting room service. This is an amazing way to relax on holiday, but when you’re travelling in a new country, you’ll want to have the opportunity to try out new ingredients.

Choosing self-catering accommodation has many benefits when you’re travelling, such as the fully equipped kitchen which will allow you to bring home items from markets to cook up and experiment with.

Plan Tasting Adventures

There’s so much more to do when it comes to food than just sitting down at a restaurant for dinner. Be sure to plan some other activities that involve experiencing new foods too.

This could be things such as a cheese and wine tasting, visiting food markets, grabbing something from a food truck as you walk down the street, or even having a picnic in a beautiful garden or park.

Take Care of Your Health

Of course, with all these foodie opportunities, it’s easy to get a little carried away, but you shouldn’t forget to take charge of your health while on holiday. You’ll still need to eat well and nourish your body.

A few ways to do this is to carry a water bottle to ensure you’re hydrated and to walk as much as possible instead of driving. This will keep your activity levels up. You can also schedule some fun active activities, like hiking, volleyball or other fun sports.

Finally, when it comes to food, try to include some healthy options too. This doesn’t mean you need to spend your holiday eating salads, but a few nutrient-dense meals should always be thrown in the mix.


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