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When preparing a meal, it is also important to think about the meal you are preparing and the process of preparation you are going to implement.

Great Benefits Of Meat That Will Surprise You

Do you love meat? Do you feel like you are a lone ranger these days when taking meat? Well, you are not alone my friend. Almost everybody these days is going vegan. Meat eaters are diminishing every day. Emphasis is also being given to plant protein and not animal protein.

This is however not entirely true. It all depends on the size and the amount of meat you eat in a seating. To prove the doubters wrong, here are some of the health benefits you can derive from meat.

Meat For Nutrients

Meat is rich in selenium, iron and zinc. Selenium facilitates the breakdown of fats and other chemicals in the body. The formation of hemoglobin is carried out by iron. This then transports oxygen throughout the body. Zinc is responsible for the formation of tissues and metabolism.

Meat For Protein

Meat majorly contains proteins. The need for proteins by the body can never be overemphasized. Proteins facilitate the building and repair of tissues as well as the generation of antibodies. These protect the body from pathogens. Meat also contains all the amino acids that you may need.

Meat For Vitamin

You probably did not know this, right? Meat contains Vitamins A, B, and D. These form an integral part of your daily dietary needs.These types of vitamins facilitate good vision as well as the development of strong teeth and bones. The central nervous system also benefits a great deal from these vitamins.

Meat For Weight Loss

Yeah, that’s right. Meat can contribute in your weight loss. Choosing the right type of meat can help you shake off that extra weight. The meat should be lean and fats added during cooking kept to a minimum. The criteria are set by the US Department of Agriculture on what qualifies as lean.

Moist Heat Cooking Methods For Cooking Meat.


This cooking method involves browning the meat in oil and then cooking it in little amounts of liquid. The cooking pan is covered tightly in the process. This can be done in an oven or on a stove.


This method breaks down the tough connective tissues in meat. This turns these parts into a real delicacy. Boiling involves adding water to the meat in a large pot and then letting it cook for several hours until it is soft.

Pressure Cooking Meat

This method makes the toughest of meat become the softest. It is 70% faster than other conventional methods. You can add ingredients as well to the meat as it cooks under pressure. Take care not to overcook the meat though.


This is my favorite, meat simmered under low heat. You can add any ingredient you want. You first cut the meat into small edible pieces; then add some fats and later the ingredients. Mix well and add a glass of water to simmer.

Dry Heat Methods For Cooking Meat


This is a cooking method in which the meat is placed over a flaming coal in a pit. It can be done for several days. When you have a number of friends over, the best way to spend your evening is to barbeque the meat outside as you enjoy.


It involves cooking the meat on a rack or a grilled pan. The heat is then cranked up for more intensity. This shortens the cooking time. You can do broiling in your oven especially when grilling outside is impossible.


Have a steak of meat? Just grill it. All you need is the grill, the steak of meat, salt, oil and pepper for seasoning. After you have oiled the steak, nicely place them on the grill for between 3 and 5 minutes.

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Pan frying

This method is almost similar to grilling but is done indoors.A heavy bottomed pan is used as it retains more heat. Just add salt and pepper to the meat and then drop it onto the butter already on the pan.


This is the most convenient way of cooking a large piece of meat. The meat is placed over glowing charcoal or in an oven. Low temperatures provide even cooking of the inside of the meat. Higher temperatures give the meat a nice brownish appearance.

Stir Frying

Stir frying is a quick cooking technique whereby the meat is fried in heated oil while being stirred in a pan. The meat is cut into small strips and then coated in oil to prevent sticking. Once all the meat is cooked, you can then combine it with other vegetables.


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