How to Choose a Reliable Sushi Machine


A survey report states that 51.6% of Australians love eating sushi. Sashimi, Udon noodles, and Tempura are a few other delicacies that Australians love to binge on. It is widely known that Japanese food is healthy and packed with a lot of nutrients.

Sushi also has low-calorie count and satiates the consumer to a maximum level. At a reputed store like, you will find the various sushi-making machines.

Sushi machines are mechanical devices that automatically create various styles of sushi. They are widely used in restaurants to make sushi mounds at a time. But you can buy a sushi machine for home-cooking purposes as well. You can choose one depending on the consumption size.

Let’s discuss in detail on how to choose a genuine sushi machine maker.

Check the Experience of the Sushi Machine Manufacturer

Since sushi is Japanese food, the manufacturer has to be of Japanese origin. Research online, find the sushi machine manufacturers, and how long they have been in this business. You must buy the sushi machine only from experienced and certified manufacturers.

Various sushi machine dealers in Australia can be found on the web. Check their websites, look for reviews or feedback, and contact them for the quotes. It will be easy to compare the prices once you talk to different sushi machine makers.

Look for Different Types of Sushi Machines

Let’s first understand that there are two types of sushi, Nigiri or Maki sushi. Nigiri sushi is a typical Japanese variety with a rice ball topped with a slice of fresh seafood. On the other hand, Maki sushi is the sushi roll. The mechanics and technology behind making these sushi dishes are very different.

Hence, the machines and their design differ with your choice of sushi cuisine. Before you choose a sushi machine, study the different models and their functioning. A reputable and experienced maker will have different models of sushi machines capable of serving your purpose.

Compare the Cost

The cost of sushi machines is dependent on its mechanism. There are manually operated machines, automatic machines, and machines working with/without electricity. The price of every machine may differ according to the technology used.

Additionally, there will be a substantial increase in the cost with the sushi mounds producing capacity of the machines. Nigiri sushi-making machines may come in a price range of 7000 to 16,000 AUD, and a Maki sushi machine may cost around 21,000 to 28,000 AUD.

Industry experts report that a highly experienced manufacturer may charge you slightly more than the other competitors because of the expertise and authenticity.

Are the Sushi Machines Certified?

To sell electronic products in Australia, they must be approved by the SAA (Standards Association of Australia). All the electronic products must also comply with AS/NZS 3820 standards, regardless of use.

If the sushi machine maker is genuine and trustworthy, all its machines must be certified according to the Australian standards. Never buy any product that does not comply with the safety standards.

It may prove hazardous, and you may have to face an unlikely event. For more information on sushi makers, visit


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