How Long Garlic Last?

How Long Garlic Last
How Long Garlic Last

How long does garlic last? If you’re a garlic lover as I am, you might be stocking up on it like crazy. Why not?

There is so much to find in the local organic store or the grocery, and sometimes we could even save up money if we buy in large quantities.

The problem is that we might not be able to keep it long if we aren’t able to use them up quickly.

So the thing here is that we should learn how to keep it fresh [and useful] longer without any brown spots [and sprouts?].

How Long Garlic Last?

Garlic is an important kitchen mainstay. It is used in most dishes that we cook, marinade and so on.

It just adds variety, richness, and flavor to food, not mentioning that it might also be a great anti-cancer vegetable.

Its protective effects may be due to its antibacterial agents and its ability to blocking cancer-causing substance formation. It can also improve DNA repair and reduce cell death.​

So much for science, but it’s great to know, isn’t it? Well, now, how can this power food last long, just as how we are interested in ways in freezing chicken cooked in a pellet grill? That’s the big question, and that’s what I am answering in this post.​

When Storing In The Kitchen

At room temperature, garlic can last for up to two months, but this method would probably only be useful if you are not stocking more than just a couple of bulbs.

So the bottom line is it depends on whether you are going to use them sooner than later.

Why? Once the garlic bulbs have been broken, or a few cloves have been removed, the life expectancy or shelf life for garlic at room temperature may only be for about ten days.

Put the bulbs in a dry basket—that with holes of course. Putting it in the basket is to let the garlic breathe.

If you don’t know yet, moisture might build up if you put them in a sealed, plastic container. So after putting them in the basket, make sure to place it in a cool, dry spot in the kitchen, with a temperature of about 60 degrees.

Avoid putting the garlic in the fridge. Again, it is because of the moisture buildup, which will then turn the garlic moldy and soft.

Now if you are chopping or mincing garlic, you need to put it in a tight container with a lid before putting it in the fridge.

But remember, using this storage method won’t work for long-term preservation. You should use up all of the garlic because it is will last for only a couple of days.

Can You Freeze Garlic?

Can You Freeze Garlic?

You can freeze your garlic if you want to keep it for a long time, but it stated that you wouldn’t be able to keep its crunch with this method. Worry not, though. It will taste just about the same reveals the experts.​

Because the garlic will be kept at a freezing temperature, they should last indefinitely! Good news, is it not?

But there are several ways on how you can freeze it, and this one is the easiest and simplest of all.

All you have to do is to wrap them in foil or in a plastic wrap, and then freeze it in the refrigerator! That’s it!

With this technique, you can store fresh garlic for up to six months.

If you’re using some of it, you can just take some of them out of the wrap, and then get the rest back to the freezer.

Now for your convenience, you may also want to chop the garlic or peel each clove before freezing. In the process, you can use them in an instant after thawing without you having to peel or chop it.

**IMPORTANT: Do not freeze garlic without wrapping them tightly, or else, you might get garlic-flavored ice cream or ice cubes. Garlic’s strong odor could easily fill up the entire freezer [or ref for that matter]. Thus, you should see to it that the garlic is properly sealed before freezing it.​


Well for healthy foodies out there, you can also puree garlic using a blender or food processor, and then mix it with olive oil.

The measurement using this method of storing garlic is 1:2, or one part of garlic to two parts of olive oil. Mix them well, and you’re good to go!

**IMPORTANT: Do not leave it at room temperature, but freeze it as well. All you need to do is to heat up a portion to use for each cooking need. Worry not, though. The oil won’t freeze, so you can just get a spoonful out without a sweat!

Using this method, you can benefit from the added flavor and health benefits of cooking with olive oil as compared to using regular cooking oil.

Garlic lasts long, and we’ve already proven that here. So, don’t wait but go on and buy as much as garlic you need and keep it fresh longer following the tips on how to properly store it through keeping it at room temperature or freezing it.

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