Best Coffee Grinder For Cold Brew

Best Coffee Grinder For Cold Brew

Why should you choose the Best Coffee Grinder For Cold Brew?

Recently, cold brew is known as one of the popular coffee trends. Many people already spend their valuable time to make this alternative to regular iced coffee.

Do you want to know the reason?

It ends up the smooth and sweet flavor in place of bitterness and acidity of a cup of hot coffee over ice.

How to make cold brew coffee is not a challenge, but the most important thing is that you have to choose the Best Coffee Grinder For Cold Brew.

This is also the reason we write this article. Take a look at our complete guide to the all about coffee grinder at Coffee Corner.

Before anything else, you have to know the followings:

What Flavor Are You Looking For?

The different methods and grinders produce different flavors even when you make the same type of coffee. So, you must know you love strong or roasty, bright or floral, balanced or creamy coffee?

What Acidity Level Are You Looking For?

This type of coffee is less acidity than hot coffee, but this can change based on a specific brewing method and grinder.

How Much Cold Brew Do You Want To Make?

The different grinders can help you produce a big batch or a single cup of cold brew coffee at once.

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The Significant Benefits Of The Cold Brew Coffee

Let’s take a look at the benefits of the cold brew coffee below:

However, if you are looking into personal use at a thousand dollar budget, you should bring your sights down a bit. You need something that is right for you and that will not break a budget, which is entirely possible.

● If you are experiencing sensitive abdominal, cold brew coffee is a better solution because, during the process, it won’t have to stand the heat which makes your cup of coffee less bitter and more flavored.
● This kind of coffee is free of radical combating substances and antioxidants, so it doesn’t severely influence your health. On the contrary, this beverage contributes to reduce the risk of dementia and improve fat burning.
● It comes with the properties of anti-aging to protect your skin away from the harmful substances.
● The coffee maximizes the flow of blood towards your brain, so the mental and physical body function is improved better.
● Other advantages of cold brew coffee for your health include decreasing the danger of cancer, and Alzheimer’s heart diseases thanks to its antioxidants benefits.

What Is Cold Brew Coffee?

Many people think that the cold brew coffee is a hot coffee served with ice, but it is a misconception.

Most people have the desire to save as much money as possible. Yes, grinders can be expensive, but there are also plenty of options for the people who are trying to spend as little as possible.

Here is the fact:

It is a kind of coffee including 2 main ingredients: coffee and cold water.

There is a crucial step in the method of cold brew that is the grounded coffee beans must be soaked inside the cold water over 12 hours.

Compared to the heat from the daily coffee, it takes time for the cold brew to abstract the rich essence of the coffee.

The hot coffee is made from warm water, leading to high acidity and unpleasantness. Meanwhile, thanks to the support of cold water, the cold brew coffee minimizes the level of acidity as well as unpleasant, making your cup of coffee more delicious.

Quick Comparison Chart Of Best Coffee Grinder For Cold Brew

NameEditor RatingPrice
Baratza Virtuoso4.0/5 Check Price
Hario Ceramic4.1/5 Check Price
Bodum Bistro3.6/5 Check Price
Lavazza Super Crema10/10 Check Price
Death Wish Coffee9/10 Check Price

Coffee Grinder For Cold Brew Review

Read this part, you know everything about each machine before buying:

Baratza Virtuoso – Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza Virtuoso is improved from the previous Baratza model, so there are not many new things. Its unique feature is that you can only find out the metal parts on the top and at the bottom.

Both the inside and outside of Baratza Virtuoso put an impression on us because of its beautiful design and fantastic 40 grind settings.

If you are a home espresso aficionado, this is a very suitable solution. The grinder has a small size which suits an average sized kitchen or a small office. Its 40 grind settings are enough to provide you with a great experience.

Whether you need a grind for espresso, French Press or anything else, the results of quality and consistency are equal.

Why You Should Get Baratza Virtuoso:

● The conical burrs help this machine grind to a uniform size at a super consistent rate. This makes a critical difference between a usual cup of coffee and a dam good cup of coffee.
● Compared to an AC motor, the Baratza Virtuoso’s DC motor is more effective because it can produce up to 4 times the result. Moreover, it’s hard to find out a grinder which spins quietly in this price range, but the Virtuoso can do that. There is a thermal safety device which keeps the motor away from overheating.
● Cleaning this grinder is free-hassle. What you need to do is to turn the whole machine upside down to take everything out. And you can remove the burrs easily.

What Are Its Limitations?

● With a small size, you can’t expect that this ground coffee container produces a lot of cups of coffee to serve in a coffee shop.
● Its price is pretty higher than other home grinders.

In our opinion, you had better choose Baratza Virtuoso if you want a sleek design to decorate your kitchen, a quiet motor.

It is also a solution for people who don’t have much time for cleaning. Don’t buy in case you plan to use it for business.

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill – “Skerton”

We add Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill into this list because it suits most of the readers – beginners here.

How to use the Hario Coffee Grinder is very simple. If you have a grind adjustment goal, let you rotate the grind adjustment mechanism a certain number of times.

Below is an essential guide of how many turns or revolutions you should make to have a proper grind for each specific brewing way:

  • French Press: 7
  • Drip cone: 3
  • Single V60/ Aeropress: 2

Why You Should Get Hario:

● In spite of a cheap machine, the quality of ceramic conical burrs can make you surprised, it grinds for espresso consistently, for example.
● In case you usually make a cup of coffee in a place where has a lot of people, this machine is your solution because it works quietly.
● This is also an ideal product for a busy life because it’s straightforward to take apart for cleaning, then re-assembling in seconds. There are no electrical parts, so you don’t have to worry when cleaning it with water.

What Are Its Limitations?

Key attributes:

● It has difficulties in making the coarser grinds such as French Press and some pour-over types of brewing ways like Aeropress.
● You ought to buy a Hario Skerton Upgrade Kit to stabilize its lower burr. It won’t cost too much, but you have a long-term investment.

For me, this product works well to grind fine enough for making espresso, but it doesn’t suit for French Press and Aeropress.

Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder, Electronic Coffee Grinder with Continuously Adjustable Grind, Black

The lucrative features of this Burr Coffee Grinder are its design, durability, and performance.

It is lightweight so you can take it everywhere. This machine is also an attractive piece of decor for your office drawer or your kitchen cupboard.

There are 5 different colors, so you can choose a suitable one to add to your place. The metal and coffee catcher will keep the whole model away from slipping.

According to many users, this product has high durability. They can use at least 2 – 3 years even it is up to 5 years more.

Why You Should Get Bodum Bistro:

  • This product is designed for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time for cleaning since its static-free material keeps both the inside and outside clean.
  • This product fits places where require quietness because it doesn’t make noise while running.
  • There are 14 different settings which allow you to enjoy many different coffee experiences.
  • You can save a lot of money as its blades don’t need to be sharpened.
  • If you still hesitate, the company provides you with a 2-years warranty.

What Are Its Limitations?

  • Although Bodum Bistro comes with a few basic controls, you shouldn’t expect convenient features.
  • Sometimes, this device can create heat that may change the flavor of your grind.

Finally, this product is very beneficial and user-friendly without causing too much trouble. However, we don’t highly recommend it for coffee lovers who require perfect-quality outcome.

Comparison Of The Best Coffee Grinder For Cold Brew

After reading our reviews, we are sure that you know all the benefits and drawbacks of our 3 recommendations.

However, the using demands of each person are different. Some people need high-level performance without caring the price, others want to have a durable model, and they can take it to everywhere. That’s why we want to compare them based on the 6 following key features:


When it comes to similarity, Baratza Virtuoso, Hario Ceramic, and Bodum Bistro work quietly which you don’t have to worry that your grinder may bother other people.

All of them have a small size, so it’s challenging to produce a large amount of coffee at the same time.

If you love Espresso, Baratza Virtuoso and Hario Ceramic grinders are perfect choices. They can produce others, but Espresso is the best.

You should pay attention that Hario Ceramic grinder doesn’t suit for making coarser grinds and pour-over types. Bodum Bistro works well for any cold brew coffee, but nothing is the best.

While Bodum  Bistro provides you with 14 different settings, and Baratza Virtuoso gives you 40 grind settings for different coffee experiences, Hario Ceramic grinder manually runs.

So, you can’t expect too much in the last model. The best thing in a manual grinder is that there is no electric part, so you don’t have to worry about your safety while making coffee or cleaning the model.

For safety, the thermal safety device of Baratza can protect you away from overheating. Meanwhile, Bodum Bistro easily creates heat, changing the favor of your grind.

Bodum Bistro has an outstanding feature which is hard to find out in 2 others. You don’t need to sharpen the blades, saving a lot of money.

Baratza Virtuoso also has excellent advantages, the conical burrs grind to a uniform size to make a dam good cup of coffee, the DC motor produces up to 4 times the outcomes.

#1Baratza Virtuoso4.8/5
#2Bodum Bistro4.5/5
#3Hario Ceramic4.0/5

Our Pick For Performance Is Baratza Virtuoso.

Its 40 grind settings give you an enjoyable experience to enjoy your cup of coffee every day. Its motor produces up to 4 times grinds, showing high-level effectiveness. And your safety is also guaranteed thanks to the thermal safety device.


Baratza Virtuoso is a kind of easy-to-use machine, mainly, it works best for Espresso, however, it lacks some adjustability.

Hario Ceramic is a manual grinder that means everything is in your hand from setting to adjustability. If you want, you can have more than 14 settings, even 40 settings. But, this requires you spend a lot of time to grind by hands for the best results,

Bodum Bistro operates very easy and fast. However, after a long time of use, the model can be broken, if you don’t take care of it carefully, according to the feedback of some users.

#1Hario Ceramic4.7/5
#2Baratza Virtuoso4.5/5
#3Bodum Bistro4.0/5

Our Pick For Usability Is Hario Ceramic.

You need to put your significant effort, it is effortless to use.


All of them are beautiful, small and compact, so they suit to become decor in your office drawer and kitchen cupboard. But, Baratza Virtuoso and Bodum Bistro fit modern spaces while Hario Ceramic suits a traditional and classic area.

When it comes to Baratza Virtuoso, you can remove the burrs easily which cleans it free-hassle. But, the timer switch is designed on the side, it doesn’t have sufficient precision and resolution.

#1Bodum Bistro4.9/5
#2Baratza Virtuoso4.5/5
#3Hario Ceramic4.4/5

Our Pick For Design Is Bodum Bistro.

Its static-free material helps you clean the inside and the outside easily.


Baratza Virtuoso is the most expensive model, and it is also a high-quality grinder regarding durability and performance. You get what you pay for.

Bodum Bistro is mid-priced, so it also has outstanding features such as ease, convenience, and taste of coffee.

The most reasonable model is the manual Hario grinder. It is also very great, but you must control it by hands.

#1Hario Ceramic5/5
#2Bodum Bistro4.5/5
#3Baratza Virtuoso4.4/5

Our Pick For The Price Is Hario Ceramic.

 It is so cheap and awesome with perfect features.


Hario Ceramic has 2 parts. The ceramic burrs are very durable, and the plastic parts wear.

You can use Bodum Bistro at least 2-3 years even up to 5 years more if you are careful.

The lifespan of Baratza Virtuoso is pretty long, but it requires you clean and maintains regularly

#1Bodum Bistro4.8/5
#2Baratza Virtuoso4.5/5
#3Hario Ceramic4.4/5

Our Pick For Durability Is Bodum Bistro.

It has the highest durability.


Baratza Virtuoso and Bodum Bistro are electric machines which require a source of power, so it’s pretty hard to move from place to place.

Meanwhile, Hario is a hand machine, and it is small, so take it everywhere you want.

#1Hario Ceramic5/5
#2Baratza Virtuoso4.5/5
#3Bodum Bistro4.5/5

Our Pick For Portability Is Hario

This model is small and compact, especially it runs with hands.

Which Is The Best Coffee Grinder For Cold Brew?

We pick Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill.

It is a lightweight, small, compact, and manual machine, so that you can take it everywhere.

It is also a beautiful product. If you want, you can add it into your kitchen as a decor.

Hario is the cheapest grinders among our recommendations, but there are several advantages which are enough to provide you with a great experience.

Three Different Ways To Cold Brew Coffee

According to feedback from users, there are 3 cold brewing methods. Each one has a different consistency, flavor, and acidity level.

Let’s see:

Immersion Coffee

Immersion coffee is the simplest method. What you have to do is combining ground coffee and water in a container then letting it sit for a few hours. After straining out ground coffee, your cup of coffee is ready.

This method helps your coffee balance the low-acidity level without having bitterness.

There are more than 70% of coffee enthusiasts, and professionals apply this immersion coffee to make their cold brew coffee.

It doesn’t require any special equipment, saving a lot of money.

To know whether or not immersion is right for you, let’s check the list below.

Choose it if you:

  • want to set it, and it’s not essential if you forget it.
  • love a balanced flavor that means your coffee is not too acidic and bitter.
  • need to make several cold brew coffee at the same time.
  • have a tight budget to buy extra special equipment.

Don’t choose it if you:

  • have a high requirement of nuanced flavors of your coffee.


  • Easy to use
  • Can make a big batch at the same time
  • Has the best consistency, predictability,
  • Easy to adjust
  • Immersion makes coffee more noticeable
  • Produces a super smooth grind


  • Muddled flavors
  • Takes more ground coffee to make cold brew coffee
  • Takes time to clean
  • A slow process
  • Ends up the gritty finished coffee

Ice Drip Method

This method is ice drip cold brew in very slow action. The cold water will drip onto coffee slowly, seeping through the ground bed, and dripping into a container underneath as cold brew.

The results are usually simple – a thick and syrupy body, but they come with a large number of nuanced flavors. According to many fans of ice drip method, it creates a real taste of the coffee.

Let’s take a look at this checklist to know whether or not this method is for you:

Choose it, if you:

  • want lots of flavors in your cup of coffee
  • want to experience a visual coffee brewing

Don’t try, if you:

  • love simplicity
  • hate acidic coffee
  • Don’t want to spend extra money to buy special equipment


  • Very clean flavors
  • The strong floral or fruity notes
  • Great for experience
  • A beautiful and visual experience


  • Hard to brew correctly and tricky to adjust the drip
  • Easy to make a mess
  • Takes time and attention

Japanese Iced Method

Although this isn’t cold brew coffee technically, it is not iced coffee either. We list it in this article because it has several good qualities of cold brew and benefits of other cold brew methods.

Simply people will brew hot coffee onto ice directly. This coffee is brewed hot, capturing the excellent aroma of hot coffee but maintaining the sweetness of the cold brew.

Another benefit is that it’s quick to make Japanese iced coffee. Please consider it if you don’t have 8-24 hours for preparing your coffee 8-24 hours in advance.

Use Japanese iced method, if you:

  • Enjoy bright and aromatic coffee
  • Don’t have much time to plan ahead
  • Want to make a cup of coffee at a time.

Don’t choose it, if you:

  • Need to make cold brew in bulk
  • Like to risk diluted coffee


  • Vibrant flavors
  • Single serving cold brew
  • Make fast and easy
  • Doesn’t require any specialized equipment
  • Extremely flexible


  • Not good for quantity
  • Diluted coffee

In The End

Nowadays, the majority of people love coffee, especially cold brew coffee since it doesn’t harm your health too much. Have you found out the Best Coffee Grinder For Cold Brew? Each different machine can create a different taste.

If you choose a suitable product in our post, don’t forget to leave your comment here. And share it if you see it is informative.


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