5 Reasons for a Weekly Family Dinner in a Restaurant

Reasons for a Weekly Family Dinner in a Restaurant
Reasons for a Weekly Family Dinner in a Restaurant

The family unit is very important and in some Asian cultures, nothing comes before family, and rightly so, yet it the west, we are drifting away from our family connections. Let’s face it, we’ve all got our eyes glued to our smartphones and when we do sit down for a meal with the family, the kids are in another world. It used to be when you are in the same room as others, you would talk, yet it has become the norm for silence, as we are enticed by digital tech.

No devices at the table

This is why we recommend a once-a-week dining experience at your favourite restaurant; one of the restaurants in Wallan would be a great venue where you all switch off your devices, enjoy some great food and catch up with what you’ve been doing in the past week.

Here are some of the benefits of doing just that.

  1. Connect with your kids – We work hard, our kids study and have an active outdoor life, which means that aside from a few minutes over breakfast, we rarely see each other. Ask about their previous week, the highs and lows; share some of your experiences and dialogue will flow and you have strengthened the family bond.
  2. Break the Internet connection – The rules are simple, no digital devices for 3 hours; that isn’t going to harm anyone and sets a routine for web downtime. Who knows what our children are doing online (most parents have little idea) and it would be wise to enquire about what they do online; not in an interrogatory tone, start things by talking about your social media and the live sports you watch and they will reciprocate. Expect online real-time gaming, plus Netflix is another popular platform for young people. Click here for further reading on the benefits of family dining.
  3. Reflection time – Set a routine whereby, at the end of the meal after dessert, each person reflects on something they have learned in the past week and the tells the group of a highlight of their week. In the right ambience, your kids will be happy to talk about issues and that provides them with solutions.
  4. Communication with your partner – If you both work, a weekly dinner at a nice restaurant is a time to connect with each other. Enjoy gourmet food and fine wine as a family, which we all deserve on a regular basis. Talking about our work can release any stress or frustration; plus you can offer advice if your partner is having work issues.
  5. Motivation – We are all chasing the dollar, on the hamster wheel, struggling to provide the kids with a lifestyle they deserve, and knowing that Saturday night is only a few days away, can boost you through the tough times.

Make a point of announcing that, from next week, the family head to a local restaurant and enjoy aa great meal together. These are trying times and mental health is not to be ignored, which is another reason to kick back and spoil yourself once a week, the family will benefit in so many ways.


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