10 Kitchen Designs That Encourage A Healthy Diet


When you start on the journey to changing your diet, rearranging your kitchen is a necessary part of the process. How you set up your kitchen will make it easier for you to shop for and store healthy ingredients and prepare meals. Here are some design tips to help make your kitchen the ideal place to support your healthy eating lifestyle — and to appeal to buyers who are searching for a home with the ideal kitchen if you need to sell your house fast.

Butcher’s Block Countertops

Fruits and vegetables are a necessary element of any healthy diet, and chopping and prepping will become a regular part of your cooking routine. To make your life easier, you can upgrade your countertops with butcher blocks so you don’t need to reach for a cutting board every time you need to chop something. They can even be placed over an existing countertop, depending on the style you have in your kitchen.

Pull Out Drawer Storage

You can make storage for plastic containers easier by swapping standard cabinets for deep pull-out drawer storage. This type of storage can also be useful if you are going to store bulk items such as grains or nuts.

Shelving For Dry Goods

Another solution for dry goods is bookcase-style shelving. Store nuts, dry beans, rice, and other grains in glass jars and label them for easy access whenever you need them. Buying dry items in bulk can help you save money while maintaining a healthy diet.

Refrigerators With Extra Produce Space

When you start buying more fruits and vegetables, you may find that you need more refrigerator space. All of that fresh produce will need to be stored somewhere and you may want to consider upgrading your refrigerator with deep drawers to accommodate it all. Refrigerator models with extra produce space can be useful so you can keep your produce fresh.

Chalkboard Walls

When meal planning becomes part of your cooking and eating habits, you may find yourself making a lot of lists so you can buy what you need and stay organized so you can prepare healthy meals in advance. Adding a chalkboard wall in your kitchen can make it easier to keep track of what you need to buy, by adding items as they come up. A chalkboard wall can be a quick feature to add when getting a home ready to sell

Horizontal Knife Storage

To save counter prep space add a horizontal magnetic knife holder so you can easily access the tools you need for chopping.

Double Oven

Just because you are eating healthier doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy baked goods and you may find that you are even baking more to create healthier versions of your favorites. A double oven can make it easier to work on baking projects.

Cookbook Bookshelves

As you start cooking more, you will likely be consulting cookbooks to get inspiration. You can easily access the recipes you need by adding a bookshelf in your kitchen, maybe even as part of your shelves for spices. 

Windowsill Herb Gardens

Herbs and spices are an easy way to add flavor without adding calories and a windowsill herb garden can give you easy access to the spices you need.

Extra Overhead Lighting

When you need to do a lot of prep work, you’ll also want extra overhead lighting over your workspace. Some options are adding recessed lighting underneath counters that can give you what you need without having to change your kitchen design too much.

You can make your healthier eating journey easier by making a few kitchen updates. 


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