Things You Need To Capture Your Culinary Creations At Home


With all the new products, tech, and accessible resources online, just about anyone can figure out how to create engaging and unique visual content. And all from the comfort of your own home.

So, whether you’re ambitioning to launch a gourmet sandwich business or you’re thinking about becoming a food blogger as a hobby, these kitchen updates and accessories are an excellent choice to capture professional videos and photos.

Photography Backdrop

You’ll need a professional backdrop to capture images of your creations for advertising, marketing, and branding. Furthermore, you’ll need a professional background to ensure your visual content is striking and appealing, whether you’re marketing your foodie startup or vlogging about your newest recipes.

Because it can cost a fortune to upgrade an entire kitchen to achieve this, you might shudder at the thought. However, there is a pocket-friendly solution. Shiplap photo backdrop products are photography backdrops that will give you the professional setting you’re after.

A Camera With Great Specs

Even though you might think you need a professional camera, these prices can be astronomical. Fortunately, the solution lies in a smartphone upgrade.

These days, smartphone camera specs are pretty impressive, and some are even designed for vlogging needs. So, consider upgrading your smartphone to a newer model with a camera that enables you to capture professional images of your culinary creations.

The Samsung Galaxy S21, Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, and Google Pixel 6 Pro are great smartphones for excellent photo and video quality.

A Basic Lighting Setup

For food photography lighting at home, you’ll need a sidelight, a diffuser, and a reflector. The sidelight is the light source situated next to your scene, while the diffuser is placed in between your set and the light source. The reflector is placed opposite your sidelight so that it can reflect light to your scene.


Even if you are using a smartphone, you will still need to position the camera for photos and videos; selfie angles won’t work well for a professional look. Fortunately, tripods are not too expensive, and you can find these for smartphones as well.

A Masterclass

Even though you can learn how to capture striking photos and videos on your own, signing up for a food photography masterclass or regular workshop is an excellent idea. You’ll uncover all the essential details that you might never have discovered otherwise during classes.

Learning about things like angles, lighting, and other photography elements can help you achieve your goal a lot faster. Instead of battling to figure things out on your own and learning through trial and error, opting for professional guidance will help you brush up your photography and videography skills a lot sooner.

Regardless of why you want to capture professional food photos and videos at home, having the right equipment and tools is essential. Furthermore, the overall quality of your content will also greatly depend on camera specs and skill level, so opting for professional guidance is often the best option for beginners.

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