Love Chocolate? 7 Foods That Taste Even Better Paired with Chocolate


It is no secret that chocolate is a delicious food product that most of us would eat nonstop if we had the chance. Even a bite of a fine chocolate bar after a long time of not having it sends the taste buds busting with happiness and oozing with saliva. This incredible experience should not be limited to just the chocolate bar.

The human nature of trying out new things not only out of necessity but also for fun has led to new ways of savoring the aroma of this endorphin-releasing and mood-boosting food product. Through curiosity, trial and error, and maybe luck, humans have been able to pair chocolate with other compatible flavor profiles to produce mind-boggling combos that accentuate the best flavors in both foods.

If you are a chocolate lover looking for adventure by pairing chocolate with other foods, this article is for you. Below are seven foods that taste even better when paired with chocolate.

1. Coffee

Coffee and chocolate seem to have a natural attraction that makes the two a fabulous pair. If you are a caffeine addict looking for ways to make your coffee drink more delicious, chocolate could be the missing link.

Both coffee and chocolate have a lot of things in common. For starters, coffee and chocolate are from seeds of tropical fruits. Both coffee and cocoa seeds are fermented, dried and roasted to bring out their flavor profiles. However, what makes these two a great pairing is the two distinct but perfectly compatible flavors coupled with the acidity and complexity of coffee.

Some of the coffee-chocolate pairings you can give a try are Italian Espresso with bold dark chocolate, fruity chocolate with Guatemalan roasts and spicy chocolate paired with Brazilian roasts.

2. Potato Chips

Another strange but delightful pairing that gives you a taste of both sides is that of chocolate and potato chips. This salty and sweet combo will get your taste buds flying on cloud nine.

Ridged potato chips are the ideal fit for this pairing. They are sturdier and can do not easily collapse under their own weight when covered with chocolate. The ridges contribute to the delicious sweet flavor of this combo due to their tendency to allow chocolate to build up.

White chocolate perfectly blends with the salty flavor of potato chips. However, you are welcome to try other chocolate covered potato chips.

3. Bacon

Bacon and chocolate may come out as a surprising combo to you, but this pairing deserves a stand-alone mention. If you have never had a taste of it, you are yet to experience brilliance. This combo is unique due to bacon’s predominant salt and fat characteristics.

In addition, the heavy smoke of grilling the bacon permeates the chocolate, adding a layer of complexity that is hard for the taste buds to forget. To nail the salty-sweet brief of this pairing, you can serve it with a brunch plate of French pancakes or toast.

4. Fruits

This is probably the most classic pairing of chocolate on this list. A chocolate-fruit combo is famous due to desserts such as banana splits and chocolate-dipped strawberries. After a tantalizing dinner, a pairing of your favorite dark chocolate with any seasonal fruit of your liking would send chills down the spine.

5. Beer

Before brewers took the bold and crafty step to experiment with its flavors, chocolate was primarily a beverage. We can now enjoy a chocolate stout that offers a perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness thanks to their craftiness. This marriage makes sense considering that both are fermented foods.

You can achieve a chocolate-beer combo in two ways. The most simple and easier way for an average person is adding the chocolate during the finishing process. Another way is by incorporating chocolate into the main ingredients. One of the stouts that make use of this combination is Rogue Ales’ Chocolate Stout. Beers can also be added to chocolate desserts.

6. Mushrooms

A mushroom and chocolate duo may not be as popular as peanut butter and jelly or strawberries and cream.

However, when these two super foods team up, they offer a whole lot more than just great flavors. You can tap into the reputed mystical and medicinal properties of mushrooms by making magic mushroom chocolate in the various ways possible.

7. Cheese

This list would not be complete without a mention of cheese as one of the foods that taste even better when paired with chocolate. You may be wondering why this combo, yet cheese alone, makes everything taste better.

Cheese has many sizzling flavors, which is why a perfect combination of cheese and chocolate is not only mouth-watering but also madly addictive once you get a taste of it. Cheese matches perfectly with every type of chocolate.

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