7 Key Ways Baking Helps with Your Stress

7 Key Ways Baking Helps with Your Stress

7 Key Ways Baking Helps with Your Stress

Has it ever occurred to you how baking feels therapeutic at times? Well, it’s not a bluff neither are you the only person to feel that way. In many countries like Scotland, when the stress level rises among the general population, the baking spree also increases by 60%. Scientists and researchers have found in recent studies that baking helps control stress and is a great way of self-care altogether! 

So, How Does Baking Help Exactly?

Well, before diving into the whole science behind it, let’s cover the obvious facts first. So, by baking delicious treats you are feeding yourself and consciously putting yourself first on your priority list. The process of baking is also way less tedious while being extremely satisfying and almost works as a therapy as it is considered to be a very healthy distraction. 

Now onto the more technical reasoning behind baking being a stress reliever, baking is one of those very few activities that help release all the happy hormones like serotonin, endorphin, dopamine, and oxytocin. Well, who would have thought something as simple as baking is the number one key to happiness?  Another solid reason is that the main ingredient of baking is for a person to be fully present and give their whole attention which is scientifically proven to drastically reduce stress by providing a tangible outcome that can feel like a reward. 

7 Key Ways Baking Helps with Your Stress

  1. Feels like Meditation (Just Way Less Boring)

First and foremost, the whole activity of the baking procedure like weighing the right amount of ingredients, beating eggs, the delicious smell of vanilla essence, and the excitement to see and consume the final outcome of baking, negates all pent-up negativity. Surprisingly, the repetitive act of baking has been proven to reduce stress in more than 80% of people! Our day-to-day job lacks tangible rewards, and we end up feeling too stressed and exhausted by the end of the week. So instead of sulking about going to work on Monday again or stressing at work, baking some good food can work as a ‘me-time’ in the week for most people. 

  1. Sparks Creativity

Whether it’s baking gingerbread cookies on Christmas or baking a cake for someone special, baking pushes one to reach creative outlets. The act of pouring all the effort into designing, customizing, and decorating things can be very inspiring while sparking a sense of curiosity for the final result. The whole activity and the outcome are rewarding hence it alleviates in reducing stress. 

  1. Nutritional Benefits 

Well, food nourishes us, there is no rocket science here. But the extra benefit that specifically baking bears lies in helping people with severe mental health issues. Depression, anxiety, and stress can be extremely overbearing for some people resulting in them not even able to cook or eat properly at times. But baking comes to the rescue! As such a population of individuals has agreed that baking is what gets them up from bed at times, the nourishment that baked goods really bring can be denoted as a savior at times. 

  1. The Smell of Baking Creates Mindfulness!

While baking is the key to relieving stress and helping in the healing journey for many, it’s the little things of the entire process that causes such an effect. We have already covered how baking instigates all 4 happy hormones and instantly gives the gratification of self-care. The smell of yeast and flour along with ingredients like chocolate, cocoa powder, espresso shots, etc. is a very nerve-calming and mood-boosting experience. Even seeing the mixed ingredients getting baked in the oven is beyond any monetarily received therapy. 

  1. Baking Creates a Complete Sensory Experience

Indulgence in baking is not just emotional and mental, baking also helps to stir all 5 senses: smell, taste, hearing, touch, and sight. Who doesn’t like their home smelling like warm cookies or delicious pumpkin spice? By the way, you can get some delicious Butterscotch Squares Canada and treat yourself! The cozy warm comforting smell, the sweet or savory taste, the tinkering of utensils, the kneading process, the sight of a dough raising or bread getting baked all of it mounts to the beautiful creation of positive memories. Baking also instigates strong positive memories and emotions, helping to relieve any stress.

  1. Baking is an Act of Generosity

More than half people have agreed that they usually bake in large batches to share with friends and family. This act of pure-hearted generosity and wholesomeness really mounts to an extreme outcome in people’s minds. It overall strengthens one’s bonding with others, creates a sense of warmth, relieves stress, and gives the feeling of togetherness. Bringing people together through baking for them reflects love and affection in the most endearing way without the need for any verbal affirmation. 

  1. Pie Therapy is the Best Therapy!

Baking is relevantly cheaper than having to go to actual therapy which can be extremely costly for some people. While others cannot muster the courage to seek professional help or have an outlet for themselves in general. Baking has proven to be their best friend in a much more cost-effective and self-aware manner. But in no way this suggests that people who need help in their mental health journey should just rely on baking alone and not go see a professional. Baking is just a stress-relieving outlet for people who feel unmotivated and stressed from day-to-day life in general. 

The love, joy, warmth, and whole hearty feeling that baking brings is undeniably rewarding for many people who are having a tough time managing their stressful lives. It is a comforting activity that helps with taking out some time for themselves and indulging in comfort while also passively helping their state of mind by managing stress. So, we can boldly claim that baking a few times a week keeps the stress away!

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