White coffee: All You Need To Know

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When they say “coffee,” they usually mean “black coffee.” However, there is also white coffee. Today we will tell. You can easily master.


White coffee is traditionally associated with Malaysia. The recipe appeared in the XIX century in the city of Ipoh.

The Chinese worked at Ipoh on tin mines and drank cheap rough coffee. To soften the drink, they had to lightly fry the grain in palm oil and add when serving milk (plain or condensed).

“White coffee” is a literal translation of the characters that the Chinese spelled the name of the drink. This color in the name does not refer to grains, but to milk. Grains are imported into Malaysia itself. Here, of course not.

Ipoh. In addition, in the cities of Chiang Mai (Thailand) and Tokyo (Japan).

In the last decade, there has been a certain substitution of concepts. Coffee bags “3 in 1” (powder, sugar, cream) and “2 in 1” (without sugar). Selling them up well – fake white coffee is popular to drink at home and in the office.

Keep the fun fact: what do you think, what coffee is considered black in Malaysia? Answer: one that is fried with added sugar and wheat.

How to make white coffee

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The Recipe Is Simple:

It is recommended to buy a mixture of Arabica, Robusta and Liberica (Liberica is a fragrant type of coffee with a low caffeine content;

authentically, if the grain is really fried (slightly) on palm oil margarine;

grind – fell asleep in a Turk / automatic coffee machine;

then pour the finished drink into a cup and add cream or condensed milk at the rate of 1 tbsp. spoon for 150 ml of coffee.

We had to hurry. Your recipes for white coffee. Not Malaysia united!

In neighboring Indonesia, white coffees are called “mine ways.” The secret, as in the case of the Malaysian recipe, is in roasting – the grains are less roasted than usual.

Let’s move to the Middle East, to Lebanon. Lebanese white coffee is called ahwe baida. There is no caffeine in it. Like, in fact, coffee. Recipe: 2 ounces of water (60 ml), 1 tbsp. a spoonful of water from orange flowers and sugar (to taste). In Asian countries, for example, Turkey, the drink is located – attention! – after eating instead of coffee. “Ahve baida” has a bright calming effect.

In Yemen, in one of the states, there are coffee beans and coffee – these are sun-dried beans (yes, they really do not need the traditional method), mixed with ginger and other spices. It remains to grind the mixture and brew a drink – white Yemeni coffee is ready!

In China and India, a lightly roasted drink adds … strong tea. A strange hybrid, however, is popular.

Coffee Break understands espresso with milk / cream (should not be foamed or warmed up). In New York, it is called “coffee light”, “coffee light”, “coffee with milk” and “regular coffee” (regular coffee). In the US, you can also drink coffee made from beans roasted to a golden color. They are difficult to grind, so the mixture, as a rule, the buyer is already ground.

Finally, we also mention the “flat white” that appeared in Australia in the 1980s. It is ready this way: 100–110 ml of milk is added to 30 ml of coffee (double ristretto from arabica) – so that it is obtained at a minimum. As a result, milk does not interrupt the taste of coffee.

How to make white coffee. It remains to get the right mixture!

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