The Ultimate Guide For Buying Flawless But Affordable Appliances For Your Home


When we’re buying appliances for our home we want them to look nice, to do their job flawlessly, and not to be too expensive (and not to rip the skin off our back). To accomplish all three requirements we need to do detailed research. It’s preferable to compare all models, features, and prices. Also, before the final decision is made it’s necessary to pay attention to delivery costs and warranty coverage.

Most appliances are tech-oriented. They’re offering remote control, digital displays, and other wonders of modern technology. Some of those features are nifty, but on the other hand, some are redundant and impractical. Have in mind that these innovations increase the cost of devices, so it’s smart to determine what you need.

These days many shops can offer you appliances that are a perfect match of quality and price, just like Tavola.

Buy Devices On Sale

In case you’re renovating the kitchen and looking for new cookware, appliances, and other kitchen tools, but you’re not in a rush, the best way to get quality products for a great price is to wait for the sale. With a little bit of patience, you can get desired devices at breathtaking prices. Sometimes, during the sales days, prices are going 50% or even more off!

The best days for shopping are Black Friday and Holidays. These days every serious company is trying to sell as much as possible products and they’re giving amazing offers. The most tempting prices for appliances appear in September or November when manufacturers are introducing new models and at the same time giving older models favorably.  

Use Gift Cards And Coupons

By using discounts given by gift cards and coupons you can easily save a lot of money. There are a few ways on how you can get gift cards or coupons. The most common way is getting it when purchasing in the store or getting it as a gift on a random visit. New stores are often giving coupons on opening days.

Also, these days many sites are offering deals like 10% off on your purchase from specific stores.

Buy Used Appliances

If you’re on a budget when buying new devices you can save a lot of money by buying pre-owned devices. These days when recycling and re-usage awareness is more present than ever, more and more second-hand shops are opening to offer first-class used devices. The local stores are great places to sneak a peek when looking for best kitchen tools or ‘new old’ appliances, but you can also visit websites that offer second-hand kitchen appliances.

Make a good research, try to identify the best model you want to buy, remember the features it has and the price. Also, don’t forget to ask in the store about warranty and delivery.

Sell Your Old Appliances

In case you’re renovating and you already have appliances in a usable condition which you’ll not use anymore try to sell them. You can make them look better by cleaning and painting them. Some people will gladly paint your room or repair installations in exchange for used devices, products for service just like our ancestors did.

If you have an appliance that doesn’t work anymore you can try to sell its good parts to repair shops. Also, some shops are taking old devices and with surcharge giving new ones. Whichever method of re-using old devices you choose either way you’ll be able to lower costs of new appliances. 

Think About The Full Price

Whenever we’re buying new stuff like furniture and appliances our eyes are glued to its price tag. Our first impression depends on the numbers written on that tag, but that’s not all we should pay attention to. Be sure to check with the seller costs of delivery and installation if needed. Those things may have a huge impact on the final price of the product.

Besides that, you may consider the amount of electrical energy or gas the new device will spend. You don’t want to buy a cheap blender that spends energy like a mini-hydropower plant.

*** Extra Hint

If you’re not a hairsplitter and not paying too much attention to minor damages, like scratches, for example, you can find devices that work flawlessly at lower prices. Not to mention that built-in appliances with esthetic imperfections will not make any difference. 

Those superficial imperfections can save from 10 to 50% on prices no matter is in question free-standing or built-in appliances. Almost all stores are giving discounts on exposed models. 


Hopefully, those tips will help you to make up your mind when looking for awesome appliances for your home. Struggling with money is a common thing when building a new kitchen or even renovating. Saving money when buying appliances can make difference in your budget and you could invest saved money in something else you need.

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