The Ultimate Gift Guide for Foodie Friends

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Gift shopping can be one of the hardest parts of your job as a friend, partner, parent or child. We all want to buy the perfect gift that shows thought and care.

When you have a foodie in your life, this becomes as simple as 1-2-3. Food lovers are easy to shop for – anything they can put in their bellies or use to level up their kitchen skills will be an absolute treat for them. Here are some great foodie gift ideas to get you started.

Coffee, Please

For the coffee connoisseurs in your life, gifting is simple. For a small and thoughtful gift, you could grab them a bag of ground coffee or beans that they haven’t tried before, a flavoured syrup to level up their lattes, or even a special coffee mug that will make them think of you every time they use it.

If you’re going all-out on your gift, giving them the tools to become an at-home barista is about as good as it gets for your coffee snob friends and family members. A great quality espresso machine like the Lelit Mara X is an amazing gift. Be warned though, that you’ll probably never be heading out to your favourite coffee shop with them again.

Make Me a Master Chef

Tools, utensils, gadgets and appliances are all sure-fire winners for your friends who love to experiment in the kitchen. You can be sure that there’s always a knife kit, chopping block, blitzer, blender, grater, chopper or something that they’re dying to get their hands on to add to their kitchen.

You can also get them herbs or mushrooms grow kit or box that they can grow in the kitchen. This way, they can have easy access to fresh ingredients they would need for cooking.

Read All About It

The internet is a great source of cooking inspiration and new recipes to try, but there’s something irreplaceable about a real cookbook with real pages and beautiful food photography. Recipe books make great gifts for food lovers, especially since they cater to all different sorts of cooks.

You could grab a beginners baking book, a guide to a specific cuisine like Indian or even a vegan recipe book. Wherever their specific interests may lie, there will be a cookbook out there for them!

Let’s Go Exploring

Food festivals are starting to become more common again now that Covid-19 restrictions are easing up again and the world is returning to its busy self. Grabbing you and your friend tickets to a wine tasting, food festival where you can taste and experience all sorts of different cuisines and dishes will be a great gift. Experiences last longer than items that may be forgotten in a drawer.

Do It At Home

One benefit we saw from the pandemic is the explosion of DIY food kits from all of our favourite restaurants.

DIY food kits usually come in the form of raw ingredients along with recipes for you to whip up some of your favourite restaurant dishes in the comfort of your own home. These make great gifts because they offer a foodie experience, but they’ll also teach you a new meal to make at home – it’s a gift that keeps on giving.


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