The Benefits Of Vacuum Food Sealer And A Buying Guide


Adding a vacuum food sealer to your kitchenware is a good choice. It is a great solution for freezer burn that often happens when storing food for a long time. Additionally, vacuum sealers will offer a lot of advantages other than protecting your food from harmful substances.

To give you more ideas about vacuum food sealers, read below!

What is a Vacuum Food Sealer?

A vacuum food sealer is a perfect kitchen equipment that stores food to last for weeks. It reduces food wastages and benefits the household in some other uses, like securing non-food items as well.

The tool comes in different sizes for dry or wet applications to ensure the best possible performance. For example, restaurant owners use a vacuum sealer to preserve food longer and it also helps food preparations to be more convenient.

Why Do Individuals Use A Vacuum Food Sealer?

It is mentioned that this kitchen tool has to help households in so many things. So, here are the reasons why you should buy yours.


Buying foods in bulk can be expensive and prone to spoilage when not cooked immediately, especially meats. Owning a vacuum sealer can save more money in the long run. It aims to keep a portion of meat, for instance, that could last for 6-months fresh and healthy to eat. That avoids buying a meal every day for the fear of decaying the leftovers.

A vacuum sealer is a worthwhile investment at a reasonable price that you will never regret buying.

Easy to Use

Vacuum sealers are so easy to use and they save time whenever you prepare snacks. You may seal foods in portions and then put them in the freezer.  Just grab and mix the portions in time of cooking to serve some recipes. Manufacturers shall include an instruction manual for users to follow.

For Food Preservation

The main purpose of a vacuum sealer is to preserve food from various elements, such as molds and bacteria. It prevents oxygen and moisture from ruining the food by providing airtight security. This also eliminates freezer burn that is a common reason for food spoilage.

As a result, foods last up to 5x longer with the help of a vacuum sealer. This depends on where you will put the sealed food, whether in a pantry or refrigerator. But one thing is for sure, the tool shall extend food shelf life for up to two weeks when stored in the fridge. In the case of frozen foods, when vacuum-sealed, they can last for a few years.

Foods also taste better when being sealed. It does not matter how long because it even preserves the smell and freshness of the foodstuff.

Promotes Better Food Packaging

Organizing your fridge can be a hassle when the items are not properly secured. The use of a vacuum sealer makes the job more relaxed. It also maximizes the space inside your refrigerator due to the packaging.

Finding a piece of food would be easier and less time-consuming, unlike not having them organize where you just pick randomly.

It can also save leftovers that will last for months and are still edible. That is a good way so that you can find a meal in the future.


Vacuum food sealers can handle a variety of foods. It could be snacks, frozen liquid, and trail mix, or whatever needed to be stored. The equipment can also reseal leftover chips to sustain their crispness and flavor.

Moreover, non-food items such as money, pieces of jewelry, and photos can also be preserved through a vacuum sealer.

Things To Consider When Buying A Vacuum Food Sealer

There are few features to look for in a vacuum food sealer, including:

Design and Size

Vacuum sealers may differ in design and size according to your specific needs. Some are portable while others could be more massive, particularly those used in a restaurant. These two are important to position the tool in the right places.

Smaller vacuum sealers are suitable for home use as bigger ones would require more room to prevent overheating.


Vacuum sealers should be reliable in terms of intensifying productivity at work. Find a product that guarantees faster and accurate results in the long term.

Furthermore, versatility also counts. See whether the tool has a dry and wet indication to know how the machine operates.


This indicates food-grade operation to keep users safe. The sealer bags must be of the best quality that can keep firm in the long run.  

Where To Buy Vacuum Food Sealers?

The LAVA Vacuum Sealers have promised a faster performance to produce hundreds of seals shortly. It is swiss-made to reassure a premium quality for vacuum packaging. It demands 600-watts of power to get started, which is one way to determine whether a vacuum sealer is a good buy or not.

Products that require less than 400-watts of power are not ideal and are prone to overheating. It is available in two shades, the black and white innovative design to match your kitchen look.

These key features can help to save money and time for your business, and LAVA has been one of the best manufacturers of vacuum food sealers in the industry for over 30 years. They also sell machines, bags and rolls, and other accessories for commercial and home kitchen use.

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