Seafood Smart – Discover the Benefits of Seafood to Your Body


Seafood has always been a delicacy, and most people always look forward to having a seafood delicacy.

Benefits of Seafood

For you to enhance a healthy lifestyle, a balanced and nutritious diet and some daily exercise are important.

Other than the taste, seafood has lots of other benefits. Here are some great benefits of seafood that you should know about.

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Good for Weight Watchers

Seafood has low-fat content. The amount of fat in seafood is very little, far much below two percent. If you are working to cut down on weight, some exercise and seafood will see you succeed.

Compared to lean meat and chicken, the amount of fat in seafood is so little such that you barely have to trim it.

You just need to prepare it as you desire, either by grilling, baking, steaming, or barbecue and enjoy your meal.

Seafood is Recommended for Your Joints

It has been proven that the symptoms of arthritis can be minimized by regularly eating seafood. The omega 3 fatty acids in seafood work by easing the tender joints.

With the tender joints at ease, you cannot suffer from stiffness in the morning when it is cold. It works for people who have rheumatoid arthritis.

Enhances Good Skin Appearance

The appearance of your skin is affected more by what you eat and less by what you apply on it. Seafood does play a significant role in maintaining the glow on your face by preserving skin moisture.

The omega 3 fatty acids play a major role in protecting your skin against the effects of the UV rays which emanate from the sun. Fish oil also enhances the smoothness of your face by reducing acne.

Boosts The Immune System

Seafood works to improve your immune system. It has a potent antioxidant known as selenium which boosts the immune system.

The omega 3 component in seafood minimizes the asthma symptoms and also those of some allergies.

Improves The Power of The Brain

Omega 3 fatty acids are a major component of seafood. It has DHA and EPA which enhance brain growth in children and infants. It also reduces the risk of one suffering from Alzheimer’s disease For aging women, the omega 3 fatty acids help a great deal by boosting their cognitive function.

It is Beneficial for Expectant Women

Seafood has benefits to expectant mothers as it enhances development and growth of the fetus. It also aids in minimizing the possibility of a pre-term delivery occurring.

I would advise the expectant women to eat seafood regularly because it will be of benefit to them as well as the fetus.

Aids in Maintaining Good Eyesight

Having a good eyesight till old age is what most of us would wish for. Omega 3 fatty acids which are abundant in seafood reduce the probability of one suffering from muscular degeneration which is brought about by old age.

If you are suffering from poor eyesight at night, get yourself a shellfish or fish meal and make it a habit. Trust me; you will notice some positive improvement.


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