Myths about Organic Ice Cream Debunked


Organic ice cream is derived from organic ingredients that are free from chemicals. It is also manufactured using organic methods and contains useful bacteria that helps to maintain a balance in the body.

The milk used to make organic ice cream is derived from cows fed with deep-rooted, nutrient-rich grass. Organic ice cream has a rich, creamy taste and a smooth texture.

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It is a well-known fact that organic ice cream is nutrient-rich. But here are some of the old myths about it that need to be debunked:

Ice Cream is not Good for the Throat

The truth is that cold ice cream can alleviate inflammations in the mouth. It is also an excellent treatment for sore throat. Even people who have undergone tonsillitis surgery are advised to take small amounts of ice cream to get better.

It helps to numb the affected area and provide comforting relief to the patient.

Organic Ice Cream is Unhealthy

Ice cream is often consumed as a dessert. Many are misinformed about its nutritional content and value.

According to experts, organic ice cream provides vitamin A and calcium to the body. Ice cream contains proteins, calcium that strengthens bones, and phosphorus which is beneficial to the muscles and kidneys.

The body will also benefit from vitamins and other minerals such as retinol which helps to boost the immune system.

The key to consuming ice cream in a healthy way is to take it in moderation. For the benefits to work well in the body, ice cream should be taken in small servings.

People with Diabetes Cannot Eat Ice Cream

This myth is not valid and depends on the individual patient and the amount of carbohydrates they are allowed to consume. Most diabetics take moderate amounts of carbohydrates, which makes ice cream an excellent addition if prepared with little carbohydrate content.

When consuming healthy ice cream, the ingredients must be balanced. Ingredients with few additives are ideal for healthy ice cream. For example, vanilla ice cream has fewer additives.

Another option that will ensure healthy ice cream consumption is to make your ice cream at home. In this way, you will collect healthy and fresh ingredients that will not affect your diabetes.

Light and Fluffy Ice Cream is High Quality

This is untrue since consuming ice cream depends on your personal preference. The density of ice cream does not determine its quality. The quality of ice cream is the volume of air that is whipped into its recipe.

By comparing the size of the ice cream to its weight, you can tell the quantity of overrun it has. Less overrun means that the ice cream has a thick, dense, and creamy consistency. More overrun means lighter and fluffier ice cream.

Ice Cream is Bad for Cholesterol

This is also false. Ice cream prepared with skim milk or water has no cholesterol content.

Therefore it is okay to enjoy it from time to time. Ice cream has plenty of nutritional properties. Through different recipes of ice cream, the body can ingest various nutrients, including calcium, protein, and vitamin B2.

When you consume ice cream in moderation, you cannot gain weight. Furthermore, fruit-based ice creams or frozen juice do not contain fats. They only have fresh berries and sugar syrup as well as fruit ingredients. You can control your diet and weight by preparing your own ice cream from home.

Ice Cream Can Cause a Headache

Consuming ice cream can cause a headache in some people, especially those who are sensitive to cold. Such people are advised to have a ganglion behind the palate. However, this may cause a mild migraine that has no serious effect.

Ice Cream Causes Tooth Cavity

When consumed, ice cream can cause an unpleasant cold feeling and reaction on the teeth. Such a feeling is a sign that you have dental problems. Ice cream does not cause dental decay since it doesn’t stay long on your teeth. Only candies and sticky sweets pose a danger to your teeth.

Ice Cream is Bad for the Stomach

On the contrary, scientists have proven that the cold and tasty ice cream is the best remedy for people who experience bleeding in the stomach and abdomen, more so when it is organic.

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Taking ice cream also helps to treat nose bleeding, which often happens during hot summer months. When nose bleeding, all you need to do is swallow a few scoops of ice cream, and the bleeding will stop. Ice cream is also good for your blood pressure.

Ice Cream is Not Good for Immunity

Immunity is very vital for the body. Ice cream has no chemicals or components that can suppress immunity.

In essence, ice cream is just a mixture of milk, sugar, water, fruit, juice, and other nutritious ingredients. We consume these products in our daily diets, and so it is not proper to believe that they can damage your immunity.


A lot of misconceptions regarding ice cream have been going around for a while now. As a result, many people have believed the myths. Ice cream contains plenty of nutrients and also offers a lot of health benefits to the body.

Knowing the truth behind all these myths about ice cream can help you make informed decisions about indulging in ice cream treats. Therefore go ahead and prepare delicious homemade ice cream today.


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