Improve Your Kitchen Experience With These Tips


Do you feel that there’s something missing from your kitchen? Are you not happy with your kitchen’s layout? Are you not comfortable every time you cook? If you don’t enjoy the process of cooking, baking, food-prepping, or any other activities in the kitchen, how can you expect to do it again? 

Here are some tips to improve the way you cook or your overall experience in the kitchen:

Go For Quality Items. 

If you’re saving up for an oven, wait a little longer so you could buy a model that is highly recommended by experts and fellow home cooks. Read reviews by to check what functions work best for your cooking style or preference.  

This is the same with any kind of kitchen appliance. Quality trumps quantity, so if you’re trying to build your kitchen arsenal, always choose the best one that you can reasonably afford. Of course, not everyone can buy a $2,000 skillet that celebrity chefs use, but something around $150 to $200 backed by a renowned brand should be enough. 

Doublecheck Your Kitchen Layout

If the layout of your kitchen was thought of well, you’d be comfortable moving around your space. If not, answer these questions and see what type of troubleshooting is required: 

  • Can you reach the stainless spatula when frying on the stove? If not, move around your kitchen utensils and other tools near the appliance closest to it. Remember the kitchen triangle rule.
  • Are all your baking equipment, racks and tools in one spot of your kitchen?  It should. This totally removes the need to move to the farthest side of the kitchen whenever a recipe calls for it. The best way to do this is to allocate storage space under the cabinets or install shelves wherever possible. 
  • Can you breathe properly while in the kitchen? Does smoke stay within the area after you cook? Have you ever heard the saying “if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen?” Well, this shouldn’t be the case with the actual cooking because your experience would suffer significantly if there is no ventilation and proper air circulation in your kitchen. Plus this keeps in heat and all kinds of smells within your kitchen.

Accessorize With Lighting & Flooring

If your kitchen feels dark and gray, you can change it up with two things: either focus on lighting or accessorize with some kind of flooring. Either of these efforts could make your kitchen look more inviting, make spills easier to spot, and prevent accidents in the area.

When you decide on lighting to create the perfect ambience for your kitchen, you can choose to focus on the main lights, add pendant lights, or get fancy with other options from the backsplash to under-cabinets. Sometimes, you can even include lights inside cabinets, if you’re having trouble reaching out to pots, pans, kitchen tools and ingredients hidden in the dark. 

If your kitchen is already well-lit, you can try adding a central non-slip rug. If you have the budget for a bigger renovation, you can even paint your floors or install a new type of flooring throughout your kitchen. Whichever way you go, pick light-colored paint or flooring to give the illusion of more space. 

Downsize Your Kitchen Equipment

Sometimes, you have too many kitchen tools that your space feels too crowded. This happens to the best of us. To improve your traffic, or how you move around the kitchen, make a list of all your kitchen appliances that take the biggest space, going down to the tools that take little space. Rate them by how regularly you use them. 

For example:

  • Convection oven: Used once a month
  • Microwave oven: Used once every quarter
  • Toaster oven: Used daily
  • Electric grill: Used once a year

Listing the items down will help you get a closer look at your kitchen tools. It would also help you decide if you’re willing to let go of some of them or not.

Adding Storage Helps

Maybe you’re not feeling at home with your own kitchen because it feels “stuffy” or overcrowded there. 

If this is the case, find where storage can be added. Take a closer look at your kitchen. Is there space under your sink? Near the stove? Will shelves work in a particular space? Or would a custom, built-in space for your microwave oven be a better option?

Another option is to invest in an island. You can have this custom-made or buy a freestanding one that fits your available space. Just make sure to leave enough space for you to move around the kitchen if you take this kitchen island route. 

Obviously, there is no one-size-fits-all guide in making your kitchen experience better. This is because people have different preferences, kitchen size, devices and equipment they use regularly, and other factors that would define kitchen improvement. 


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