Do Fling Healthiest Part Of Fruits And Vegetables?


Some of the waste from fruit and vegetables probably do not know that they have numerous positive effects for the health of our entire body. Therefore do not throw away, but read how best to use them.

  • Orange Peel

Orange peel contains as much as four times more dietary fiber than the fruit contains.

  • Shells Of Onions

Although always jump, keep in mind that the shell is much richer with plant pigment that has strong antioxidant effect – quercetin, than there is the onion.Quercetin is good for lowering blood pressure. Besides the shell can use to color code the eggs for Easter can be used in foods to get a better taste.

If you do just that, not forget before serving to remove the shell from eating.

  • Peel Watermelon

Internal white watermelon rind also has its advantages.Rind of watermelon can be sliced with watermelon and make juice or alcoholic cocktail that will add vodka, gin or rum.

  • Leaves of Broccoli

Only 30 grams of leaves of broccoli have 90 percent of the daily recommended amount of vitamin A that is needed in our body.The leaves of broccoli can prepare in the same way as spinach.Perhaps simply to boil, to add a little oil and spices to taste.

  • The Stem Of The Leaves of Spinach

Research by the Institute of Food Technology in Germany shows that the stems of the leaves of spinach have much glutamine, an amino acid that strengthens the immune system and stimulates the body’s ability to recover after various injuries or operations.

Renowned chef Bruce Sherman offers to tie the stems in bunches of six to eight, and then let them soaked to half an hour in a mixture of red wine and honey, to taste you can add garlic.

What Fruits Should We Eat In Winter?

As you know that it is very cold in winter, we may have the chances of suffering from various diseases and we have to find doctors to cure them. But what fruits is good for curing our uncomfortable feelings?

  • Overuse of Brain – Banana

The overuse of brain would lead to the lack of Vitamins, minerals, and the heat in our bodies. We may also feel that we always feel down, other than feeling tired. At that time, eating banana can have the uses of supplying the nutritions that your body need and this can also have to relieve from stress and you may feel better!

As the overuse of brain would consume a large quantity of Vitamins, you have better to absorb more Vitamins under the advices of doctors. For example, you can take some additional Vitamin pills.

  • Overuse of Eyes – Papaya

As we may have to need to watch the screen of computers and TV all the time, our eyes may easily feel tired and this can be classified as the overuse of eyes. If the overuse of eyes exists, a large quantity of Vitamin A would be consumed and the sensors of the retina rely on this substance a lot.

At that time, your eyes may feel dry, even pain. So what is the solution if you encounter this annoying problem? The answer is very simple. You can eat more papaya as it is rich in Vitamin A and it can help with your recovery.

  • Smoking- Grapes

For those smokers, there are lots of toxic substances in their lung so as to damage the normal functions of their lung and that may cause many serious problem. So what can we do if we have to face this situation?

You can eat grapes to help with it as grapes can increase the rate of cell metabolism so as to help to remove the toxic substances in a better efficiency. But still, this is not a permanent solution as it cannot help your body to remove the toxic substances bought by smoking totally.

You had better stop smoking so that no more toxic substances bought by smoking would enter your body, at least the chances of it would be far smaller.

  • Lack of Oxygen – Cherry

Are you those who easily feel tired? If yes, please listen to my advices. This situation is always related to the insufficient quantity of iron in your blood, and the lack of oxygen. Eating cherry can supply your more iron so that this situation can be relieved.

Also, cherry is rich in Vitamin C and it can promote the uptake of iron and to prevent the unnecessary lose of iron. So in this case, eating cherry can help you not to feel tired easily.