What’s the Best Breakfast for Woman to Keep Young

breakfast food
  • A Glass of Fresh Yogurt + Two Pieces of Whole Wheat Bread + A Tomato

Yogurt and tomatoes contains rich vitamin A. Vitamin A is good thing to brighten eye. Career women using computer or desk writing need to pay attention to the maintenance of the eyes.

​At the same time the main effect of vitamin A is to promote new skin cells, improve skin cell updated speed and strengthen link between cells, make the skin with elasticity, regulate the skin cell keratinization process.

  • A Bowl of Red Jujube Corn Porridge + Chicken Sandwich

Corn is rich in carotene and all kinds of vitamin. Red jujube can enrich blood, and can effectively enhance immunity; Add a chicken sandwich, the breakfast can make physical strong enough to abundant up to handle the whole morning heavy and busy job, this breakfast is the first choice for professional women with high strength workload.

  • Take A Cup of Soup for Breakfast
Take A Cup of Soup for Breakfast

What kind of breakfast is popular with office worker?

  • First, waiting time can’t be too long, available quickly in the fast rhythm morning.
  • Second, with easy digestion, food is not easy to digest can cause stomach all day discomfort, also can reduce work efficiency;
  • Third, need hot food. Eating the warm food in the morning can help the body wake up.

If so, then we might as well take a cup of soup for breakfast. In the busy morning, spend 15 seconds to make a cup of speed soup. Eight different tastes, choosing corn, mushrooms, pumpkin, tomato, potato, chicken, spinach as raw materials, add rich milk, add sweet little bread with crisp grain, seven days a week, every day can experience new taste.

Convenient, nutrition, rich, you should do not have any excuse omitted the most important first meal of the day.

  • Don’t Eat Breakfast Tend to Get Fat

According to the nutrition scientists, breakfast is hard to transform to fat. Eating no breakfast has no help on fat consumption. When the human body realizes deficient nutrition, it will consume carbohydrates and protein first, the last is fat.

Worse, Eating no breakfast still can make lunch eat more, cause the body not easy to digest absorb instead cause hypodermic and adipose accumulation, influence the sharp.

  • Eating No Breakfast Is Easy to Cause Constipation

In regularly three meals situation, the body naturally leads stomach colon reflection phenomenon which has benefits for detoxifying our body. And if you don’t eat breakfast and make it into a habit, may cause stomach colon reflection imbalance, produce constipation.

The body to detoxify not freely, toxins will be accumulated inside body, to a certain level it will lead to Acne which discharges through this radical way.

  • Don’t Eat Breakfast Will Gets Old Fast

The energy and nutrients provided by breakfast occupies an important part in round-the-clock energy and nutrients intake. If don’t eat breakfast or breakfast quality is bad, the human body have to consume the candy and protein inside body keep in storage, as time passes, will cause the skin dry, wrinkling and anemia, accelerate the aging of the human body, more serious, can cause nutritional deficiency.

  • Don’t Eat Breakfast Is Vulnerable to Get Diseases

the stomach in hungry condition for long time, easy to cause the gastritis, gastric ulcer; Insufficient breakfast will cause eating prowess at lunch, and caused burden of the digestive system, easy to cause gastrointestinal diseases; Don’t eat breakfast will cause blood platelets stick together in blood, increasing the risk of a heart attack.