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Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill


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Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Sipping a cup of flavorful coffee is the most incredible way to kick off your day. But why settle for instant coffee when you can enjoy the freshness of roasted beans?

All you have to do is to use a French press. This term refers to a mechanism of coffee-making, which guarantees to offer customers with premium-quality beverages.

Everything sounds promising, yet you have to supply your French press with ground coffee first. In this case, what else can you rely on besides the best coffee grinder?

In our article, we will compile the three best coffee grinders on the market for French press. With a detailed review and comparison, we hope to shed light on your confusion and help you pick out your most suitable deal.

Keep reading to find out more!

​Checked! But if you want to make some cereals, or crush some grains, a coffee grinder may as well meet your needs. Three Best Coffee Grinders For French Press Reviews

Three Best Coffee Grinders For French Press Reviews

#1. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill
Three Best Coffee Grinders Reviews

Some people say you cannot get anything done out of a cheap product, but Cuisinart has proven the opposite. With an affordable price range of under $50, Cuisinart deserves to top the list of the best coffee grinder with their burr mill.

So what is the secret behind this item?

At first glance, what strikes you most about a Cuisinart coffee grinder is its shiny look. Made out of stainless steel, a Cuisinart has a sleek, silver coat that blends in well with any background.

Whether you plan on putting this elegant grinder on the counter of your kitchen or placing it near the bar of your living room, you can always achieve the optimal result. A Cuisinart coffee grinder can add up colors to your space, tada!

​But Cuisinart has more than its appearance to offer. This coffee grinder guarantees to bring out the best of your fresh coffee beans. With an impressive number of six settings, Cuisinart can do everything to your beans, from having them finely ground to extra coarse.

And do you know what the most incredible thing about a Cuisinart coffee grinder is? The coarse grind brought about by this burr mill is excellent for the French press, which makes it ideal for anyone addicted to coffee.

What about the capacity? Some of you may ask.

​Well, lucky for you, Cuisinart is designed to fit your household needs. The detachable bean hopper can hold up to 8 oz of coffee, which can make at least 4 cups and at most 12 cups of coffee each time you start the machine.

And do you know what is even better? The grinding chamber can store enough coffee powder for 32 cups. Once you have taken out your desirable proportion, any remaining coffee powder will slip to the storage for future use.

But be aware, because this product is not without flaws. A Cuisinart coffee grinder may offer you the best ground coffee, but it can be pretty noisy. Therefore, customers may find it off-putting with all the hustle going on with the mill.

​In short, a Cuisinart is among the most cost-saving coffee grinders you can get. It is efficient, and it fits your budget well. Go for Cuisinart burr mill if you want to have the Best Coffee Grinder For French Press, everyone!

Reasons To Purchase This Product:

  • Affordability. For an average user, a Cuisinart coffee grinder is an economical choice.
  • Smart design. The machine comes with an automatic mechanism, meaning it will shut off once the grinding process is over.
  • Attachable accessories. A standard package has a scoop and a cleaning brush; both are BPA free.
  • High capacity for household use. Each complete grinding process will give you enough powder to use for a couple of days.

Areas That Need Improving:

  • Lifespan. Most customers have complained about the malfunction of this product after 12 months of usage.
  • Noise. Once the grinding process starts, the machine can give off a loud buzz.
  • Storage space. This coffee grinder must not be anywhere near a source of heat. Thus, you have to place it far from a heated microwave oven, an electric burner or the gas.

#2. Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr, Black

Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr, Black
Capresso Burr Coffee Grinder
Capresso Burr Coffee Grinder

A Cuisinart burr mill is an economical choice for those of you who wish to enjoy the best-tasting coffee. But if you are willing to invest more into a coffee grinder, why not have a look at our recommendation here?

A Capresso conical burr mill is among the best of its kind. Whether you intend on using it for household purpose, or you want to install an item inside your home-run bar, a Capresso will not let you down.

What distinguishes this product from our previous choice is its conical blades. Refrain from using straight razors, Capresso prides itself on the commercial-grade conical burrs. They are all from sharp, stainless steel that maximizes the precision of each grinding process.

The conical design - coupled with its four settings - makes Capresso a perfect choice for roasted coffee beans. Whether you want finely ground powder for your Turkish coffee or coarse coffee for your French press, Capresso can do it all!

Since Capresso aims at commercial purposes, its capacity is slightly higher than that of a Cuisinart burr mill. The removable hopper can store up to 8.8 oz of coffee beans so that you can put in an impressive amount of raw material.

To support the hopper, a Capresso coffee grinder comes with a storage container. Each time, there is space for roughly 4 oz of roasted coffee.

Feel free to use this as your backup holder, so that you can brew coffee every time with powder taken directly from the machine. However, it is worth remembering that the shape of your coffee beans is not always as expected.

Most of the beans will be a little smaller than the setting on the machine, which can be challenging to adjust for some customers. But for a conical burr mill, Capresso still manages to do its job well enough.

If you do not mind some manual modification with the setting, Capresso deserves a place on our list as one among the best coffee grinders.

Reasons To Purchase This Product:

  • Acceptable price range compared to other competitions. Conical burr mills tend to be more expensive than other coffee grinders, but Capresso makes sure its product does not exceed the average budget of customers.
  • Electricity-saving. The machine comes with a timer. You can set the time from five seconds to one minute for each grinding process.
  • This way, you can control the power consumed by your coffee grinder.
  • Safety design. There is a safety lock system incorporated into the machine.
  • If the bean container is not tightly screwed, the machine will automatically turn off.
  • Noise-free. The movements of the motor are at the slowest, which reduces the noise as much as possible.
  • Little effect on quality. The grinding speed is fast enough to chop the bean, but it will not give off much heat or friction.
  • Hence, the flavor and smell of the coffee beans will remain authentic.

Areas That Need Improving:

  • Coffee residue. Since each product must go through a testing process at the factory, there might be coffee build-up inside the grinder. This may be a discomfort for customers.
  • The material used. The control panel is from plastic, which can be low-quality.
  • The speed. Although the low rate used in the machine keeps the coffee beans at their best state, customers may experience annoyance when trying to grind a large amount of coffee.

#3. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
Capresso Burr Coffee Grinder

While a Cuisinart and a Capresso coffee grinder are both ideal choices for your kitchen, Baratza takes a bigger step and makes itself an option for coffee-addicts.

So what is it that makes this burr mill the best coffee grinder? Let’s see! It is impossible not to mention that Baratza earns its place thanks to the award granted by Speciality Coffee professionals.

Experts in the coffee industry have deemed this product to be among the most excellent grinders, especially for the French press.

So far, Baratza has lived up to its reputation. The machine offers customers with an elegant look with its grey coat, decorated by the minimalist control panel.

No matter how your background is, Baratza can easily integrate into the picture. As far as functional purposes are concerned, this coffee grinder guarantees to bring out the best outcome.

The wide range of grinding options makes the ground coffee suitable for any brewing technique. Do you think 18 settings in a Cuisinart are impressive?

Welcome to the 40 settings of a Baratza! With these grinding choices - along with its consistent conical blades - Baratza makes sure your coffee can maintain its original taste.

But do 40 settings mean the control panel is complicated?

Luckily for you, the answer is no. Baratza installs a straightforward control panel on the machine, with two fundamental options: On and Off.

Even better, there is a pressing button in front of the grinder, allowing a rapid grinding. Now, the most unexpected guest cannot catch you off-guard! Baratza has got your back with its effortless grind burst.

Nevertheless, there is one setback to this coffee grinder. There is nothing to dedicate the amount of coffee input. All you can do is to put in a bunch of beans, and then take out what you need for your cup because there is no accurate measurement.

In summary, Baratza is a high-end coffee grinder that will not let you down. It may not work perfectly, but it does live up to the expectations. Give this babe a try if you are interested in owning an award-winning machine!

Reasons To Purchase This Product:

  • Wide range of coffee sizes. Whether you want your beans to be finely ground or coarse coffee, the extensive settings can turn your wish into reality.
  • Time-saving. The machine can churn out approximately 50g in around half a minute, which is an impressive speed.
  • User-friendly. The control panel is clear-cut and easy to adjust. Customers do not have to struggle with settings like other products.
  • Storage space. This coffee grinder has a square bottom with little expansion, so it will not take up much space on your kitchen’s counter.
  • Lifespan. Baratza makes sure each component of a coffee grinder is well manufactured, so that the customers can enjoy their product for a long time.

Areas That Need Improving:

  • Price range. For a machine mostly used for household purposes, the current price range of under $150 can be off-putting for average customers.
  • The endurance of a hopper. If you intend on grinding a lot of coffee beans, you have to press the hopper to prevent it from falling out manually.
  • Loud noise. Since the grinding speed is fast, the motor can be quite noisy and irritating.
  • The machine can be messy. The chaff of the coffee beans is usually scattered all around the surface.
  • Cleaning issues. The small size of the coffee grinder makes it easier for ground coffee and chaff to get stuck inside.
  • You should clean this machine regularly to avoid coffee build-up.

Comparison Of The Three Best Coffee Grinders For French Press


  • A Cuisinart coffee grinder tops the chart of economical coffee grinders with a price range under $50.
  • A Capresso coffee grinder can vary from $80 to $100, which is an affordable price for a conical burr mill.
  • A Baratza coffee grinder is the most expensive compared to the two others, with a price range under $150.

​Dimensions And Weight

  • A Baratza coffee grinder has a dimension of 4.7 x 6.3 x 13.8 inches. It is the smallest machine in size, but it is the heaviest one. Its weight can go up to 7.5 pounds.
  • A Cuisinart coffee grinder has a dimension of 10.8 x 7.1 x 6 inches. It is the second largest machine. Its weight is about 4.5 pounds.
  • A Capresso coffee grinder has a dimension of 14.6 x 9.6 x 7.8 inches. It is the largest machine. It is the lightest machine which weighs roughly 4.3 pounds.


  • A Cuisinart coffee grinder and a Baratza coffee grinder have 18 and 16 settings respectively. Every four settings belong to one category such as ultrafine ground coffee or coarse coffee.
  • A Capresso coffee grinder has up to 40 settings, which can produce a higher variety of roasted coffee beans.


  • A Cuisinart coffee grinder and a Baratza coffee grinder best serve your household purposes. They are suitable for daily use in a kitchen.
  • A Capresso coffee grinder can accommodate a larger amount of coffee, so a small bar or coffee shop can make use of this machine. Of course, if you have a big family or want to host a party, this Capresso burr mill is still an ideal choice.

​Storage Ability

  • A Cuisinart coffee grinder can store up to 8 oz of intact coffee beans in its hopper. The ground coffee container can hold up coffee enough to make 32 cups, which makes it the best grinder for storage purpose.
  • A Capresso coffee grinder can accommodate 8.8 oz of coffee beans in the hopper, which is a bit more than a Cuisinart. However, its ground coffee container is not as impressive, since it can only store 4 oz of coffee powder.
  • A Baratza coffee grinder has the largest hopper, which can hold up 10 oz of coffee beans. Unfortunately, the compatible ground coffee basket is quite cramped, so you cannot put in too much powder.

Why Do You Need A Coffee Grinder For French Press?

Instant coffee or pre-ground coffee powder can do their job well enough. But if you want to know the most exquisite taste of coffee, you should opt for authentic coffee beans, with the French press method.

Okay, but what if you want to apply the French press without using a coffee grinder? The answer is a simple no, sorry everyone! The French press earns its reputation through the use of coarse grind coffee beans.

Once filtered through the mesh, grainy coffee powder will get stuck, resulting in a richly deep taste. Therefore, the French press can only work if you purchase a grinder and let it take over the job.

Pre-ground or instant coffee is usually too smooth and minced, which is not ideal for the French press method. If you pour finely ground coffee powder into your French press, the chances are they will slip through the filters with no leftovers.

In other words, your coffee will feel rough and dusty. In short, it is worth remembering that coarse grind coffee and the French press are an excellent combo. The roughness of home-roasted beans will maximize the mind-blowing aroma, leaving you with the best coffee ever.

​The Benefits Of A Coffee Grinder

​At this point, we believe you have understood the need to invest in a coffee grinder for your French press. But what are the specific benefits of a coffee grinder? How can it be useful in your kitchen?

If those are the questions that keep bugging you, let’s continue to explore their magic with us!


For roughly two minutes, you can get a batch of ground coffee. Say goodbye to all the hassle of trying to make yourself a cup of coffee, only to realize you have to run to the grocery store and get some new instant coffee!

Ready to use

Once you have roasted the coffee beans, you can store them for months under favorable conditions. Remember to stay away from direct exposure to sunlight, or humidity!

Better taste and better quality

Instant or pre-ground coffee may be acceptable to you, but admit it! Their taste is mediocre at best. A grinder can give you a genuine flavor of the coffee.

Furthermore, since the coffee powder is home-made, you can enjoy the freshness of your morning beverage. No more stored-for-months instant coffee that gives out a muggy feeling, yay!

Highly versatile

A coffee grinder is essentially a grinder. What does that mean? Well, it means you can put your coffee grinder to other uses! Are you roasting coffee beans?

What Is The Best Coffee Grinder For French Press?

​After reading our reviews, you have had some vague ideas about our top coffee grinders. But ultimately, what is the best coffee grinder for the French press that you should purchase?

Our choice goes to a Cuisinart coffee grinder! We believe if you want to invest in a burr mill, you should not hesitate with our recommendation.

So what are the factors that make this item outstanding compared to its competitors? First of all, let’s not forget about the price. A Cuisinart coffee grinder only costs you an affordable amount of money, which makes it ideal for most of our customers.

Not all of us can pay for a high-end Baratza, so a Cuisinart burr mill is our best bet! At such a decent price, Cuisinart has proven itself to be an efficient machine.

It can grind your coffee beans effectively with little flaws, and the settings make sure you can have coarse coffee for the French press. Hooray! Another reason why we highly recommend this product is its storage ability.

Unlike other items, Cuisinart prides itself on an impressive ground coffee container. Can you imagine a basket that holds up enough powder for 32 cups of coffee?

In short, a Cuisinart coffee grinder deserves a place under your roof. The merits that come along with it are not to be ignored. See for yourself if this product lives up to the reputation!

​To Sum Up

The French press method is your solution to the best cup of coffee. But to make sure everything works out well, you need to install a coffee grinder For French Press.

With so many products on the market, you may get confused at which the best coffee grinder is. That is why we are determined to provide our assistance, with a careful review of the three best coffee grinders available.

If you find our article helpful, please do not hesitate to bookmark it for later use, or share it with other coffee-addicts. It is 2019 and sharing is loving!


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