Benefits of Hemp – 10 That’ll Make You Rethink Everything


You’ve heard about hemp, right? If you’re not clear on what it is, let’s just clear it out first. Hemp is the cannabis variant that does not get you high. Now, you might be wondering what good a cannabis plant is, if it doesn’t get you high. 

Well, that’s exactly what we’re here to tell you. 

What’s the Deal with Hemp?

Before we get to what use the cannabis variant is of, let’s learn a bit about the plant. It is one of the most wonderous plants. Weirdly enough, it belongs to the same strain as marijuana, sativa. 

But what sets it apart is the THC content. Hemp is categorized by its low levels of THC. The ceiling’s set at 1%. And the usual level is less than 0.3%. All these numbers just mean one thing. 

There’s not enough THC in Hemp to give you the “BUZZ”. So, unlike other strains, it leaves you feeling energized, mellow, and focused. If the idea interests you, you can be on the lookout to  buy bud online Canada

Hemp Benefits – What Are They?

Hemp has previously been widely used for medicine-producing purposes possessing incredible healing properties. But recently it is also widely popular and consumed as CBD, a compound with the original name of Cannabidiol. CBD is regarded as a stress, anxiety, and insomnia-alleviating cure along with inflammation-reducing properties. But with the evolution of eco-friendly research and environmentally ethical practices being on the rise, Hemp has been found to be the new source of multi-purpose use for fuel, plastic, etc. replacement. Let’s dive into the top 10 ways that Hemp has been crucial for saving the earth.

  1. Hemp is an Amazing Alternative to Plastic!

While regular plastic takes 1000 years to dissolve in the landfill, Hemp being biodegradable can easily replace it. Hemp plastic can be a great alternative that will be sustainability friendly with a maximum capacity of use. It is also one of the greatest sources of cellulose producers in the world. Not just plastic-produced goods like toys and bags, but even manufacturing cars was introduced by Henry Ford 100 years later with hemp plastic. Even large conglomerates like Coca-Cola have also embraced the usage of hemp plastic and implemented its use in its bottles. The future is also safe for the use of hemp plastic as climate activists claim 5% of the entire industry comprises such type of plastic. 

  1. Say NO to Deforestation with Hemp

With the rapid progress of the world, the world is headed toward mass urbanization which essentially prompts trees to get cut down more often. Hemp is an excellent source of wood that can be used as an alternative to mass deforestation. Hemp is also regarded as the strongest fiber that produces lighter wood which is also better for construction purposes. Hemp stalks also grow a lot faster than regular trees. Even paper is made better with hemp rather than wood. So, the widespread use of hemp can really bring about great change in combating deforestation.

  1. Helps Producing Building Materials

Not just wood, in fact, other construction things like metal, carpet concrete, etc. can also be built from hemp alternatives. Keeping the strength just as regular, hemp alternatives are many times more durable and lighter making it a perfect fit of alternative and more eco-friendly options. Surprisingly, even steel can be replaced by hemp and in stronger form as well. Building things from hemp also helps to mitigate the risk of all the emissions from regular wood and steel manufacturing. 

  1. Helps to Reduce Soil Contamination

Hemp possesses the quality of clearing up toxins from our environment. Especially radioactive toxins can be cleared by using hemp products and switching to hemp alternatives. The whole process is known as phytoremediation. The hemp roots grow extremely fast, and it helps absorb the harmful toxins that other substances emit. The microbial contents of the soil are also elevated by hemp and even after the harvest or yield the soil is left even richer for the following years. The leaves are also useful as they have ample nutrients that can be used for other benefits. Scientists and researchers have put their bet on hemp to help resolve environmental damage.

  1. Hemp as a Source of Sustainable Protein

Hemp has the most packed nutrient variant that can help with solving world hunger issues. Global hunger issues are persistent in most developing and underdeveloped countries. 30 in every 100 children are recorded to be suffering from a lack of nutrition and growth is an astounding number. The versatility of hemp being able to grow anywhere is the cherry on top. Hemp seeds have healthy nutrients that help to develop amino acids and necessary vitamins. With the climate crisis in hand, it is necessary to switch to more responsible options and hemp acts as the best source of alternative protein.  Even as topical creams and external use, hemp has amazing benefits in CBD form. You can even give your pets CBD to combat different types of problems. You can conveniently  Find CBD oil for dogs here.

  1. Keep Pesticides Away with Hemp

Hemp also helps to keep pesticides away unlike cotton and other materials. Usually, pesticides can contaminate the water bodies and create a lack of pure drinking water. But with hemp, such issues are not prevalent. By preventing pesticide usage, hemp also helps to avoid all the health hazards it brings like cancer, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, etc. 

  1. Hemp Used as a Power Source 

Hemp can massively help to be the power source. And not just ordinary kind, in fact, help batteries are said to be 8 times better than regular lithium ones. With where the world is headed, electric cars are not a distant future, hemp is considered to be a very stable source to power those cars in the future saving a massive burden of power there. Right now, the industry ideal is graphene but the newly developed carbon nanosheets can act even better.

  1. Hemp is BEE approved!

Hemp is beneficial for bees as it produces high-nectar flowers. Even it is used already by many beekeepers when other sources are scarce. It also helps to produce the queen bees in more than any other sources. The number of queen bees increasing means a high level of hive health and fertility prospects. 

  1. Hemp Solves Air Pollution

Hemp provides the luxury of purified air by absorbing great amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and keeping it balanced. We know the increased amount of carbon dioxide can seriously harm the environment and cause global warming. Countries with excessive levels of carbon dioxide are taking advantage of such benefits of hemp to help solve the issue. 

  1. Hemp Helps with Fuel

Before the usage of petroleum began, hemp oil was the source of lamp oil. Presently, hemp seed oil can be turned directly into biodiesel. And also, ethanol and methanol can also be produced. The non-toxic fuel production is a major upside to this as it does not harm the environment as badly as other fuels like fossil fuels. Hemp being a regular in other sectors and industries shows the perfect potential of it in important sectors too. Due to the damage done by fossil fuel, the arctic has lost a huge amount of ice. Biofuel also channels reuse and regrowth while causing no harm to the environment. The time frame is also very short for hemp production.

Hemp has proven to be the most complete solution to the problems that our world is facing now due to climate issues and environmentally unethical practices. Such measures can be reversed through the right implementation and usage of hemp.


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