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Hi! I am Tina M. Knapp, I have been a chef for eight years. I always had a great passion and impression on cooking. I always loved to cook various types of unique food items which may be very easy to cook but also very tasteful too.

I am also very conscious about the foods that they should not only be tasty, but also should be nutrias too. Because, I know that, all of the food, that one cooked, will lose its attractions if they not look too much better or don’t contain any nutrias fact all. So, not only me, but the others also should remember this point very carefully.

However, here is our blog “The Tasty World”. Some of my friends and I created it blog together.  This blog was a long cherished dream of ours. As me and my friends are the greatest food lover, we just want to focus on some of the delicious foods most.

As all of us the great attraction of the food, when just think about sharing our easy recipes with the people and let them know the taste and nutrias facts all of them. It’s really hoped you all will try it even for a chance to get the proof of our confidence.

In this blog, you can easily find out several food recipes, which are made from chicken, bread, Chinese foods and so others. If you don’t prefer of ordering the outsider foods, and love to prepare your food on your own, then it’s guaranteed that, this blog will be definitely proved as the blessing to you undoubtedly.

Because the clear instructions of each recipe will inspire you most to try it as soon as you got it.  So, it’s requested that, please have a look at our recipes which we wanted to share with you.

Don’t think that you only thought about the food without thinking about the health. As we are quite experienced on cooking several food items, we also know quite far about which food elements are good and which are harmful to our health.

If you have already checked our recipes, then you may notice that, we always tried to add even a single vegetable in our every recipe and tried to use the harmful high calorie oils in this. Because we know that the uses of over oil can be proved as the most harmful for the human body.

Not only can these things, if you visited the full blog, then you certainly see that we have also discussed on the young living pattern too. As all of us are quite young people, we just only tried to share our own living pattern of ignoring the others opinion. Because no one may know better how the young people than their themselves.

But you are highly welcomed to share your advices and opinions to us. You will definitely give you the most priority if your advices are really beneficial to us. So! Why late? Just take a visit to our blog immediately.