5 Healthy 30-Minute Dinner Ideas From College Students


Well, since you’re in college, you have probably eaten at the school’s dining hall a couple of times. Isn’t it nice, just popping in at the cafeteria and choosing what you want to eat? It is convenient too because college can be pretty busy. Check information about writepaperfor.me reviews

If you’re having one of those days when you can barely get time to go back to your dorm room between classes, then you should probably eat at the school dining hall.

However, don’t make it a habit because it’s always good to cook for yourself. Make sure you find interesting recipes to try when you’re not too busy with school work.

You probably eat all your lunches in the cafeteria. How about preparing dinner and breakfast at home? You can eat healthily and save money by cooking at home. When eggs aren’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of breakfast recipes without eggs that could make your mornings even more exciting. You can easily find fresh produce at the market and use it in your recipes.

There are so many easy meals you can make within 30 minutes. This allows you to prepare for the next day before going to bed. College is an interesting time and you should make sure you make the most of this opportunity.

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Here are 5 interesting meals you should try out for dinner.

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1.     Crockpot Curry Chicken

This is an excellent meal idea and you can prep your dinner for an entire week. It’s a coconut curry chicken and you’ll use chicken breast, some lime and of course, curry paste.

If you love chicken and curry, you’ll love crockpot curry chicken. You can have it garnished with garlic or chili depending on your taste buds’ inclination.

You’ll need to use the slow cooker to prepare it to allow the chicken to cook uniformly. Once the chicken is cooked, you’ll need to shred it and add all your other ingredients.

Go with full-fat coconut milk and green curry paste to bring out that delicious flavor. Ensure your chicken vendor supplies fresh chicken breast for you to use.

Once the meal is cooked, you can serve it with cauliflower rice, brown rice, riced broccoli or mixed greens. These are healthy serving options, especially for those who’re observing a keto diet.

2.     Beef Salad

If you want to take a break from eating out, you should definitely try out beef salad. This is a healthy dinner meal that can also double up as a lunch meal. It will fill you just enough to ensure you don’t sleep through the entire lecture. You can prepare it at home using this recipe.

Beef salad also makes for an excellent family meal because it’s yummy and healthy. Nothing beats sharing a meal with the family after being in school for a while.

3.     Avocado Wraps

The health benefits of avocado are endless. Avocado does not only provide you with healthy fats, but it also gets you full quickly. This is a quick dinner meal that you can whip up in your dorm room within minutes.

All you’ll need is tortilla wraps, pan-fried vegetables, and seasoning. This is an excellent vegan lunch idea that’s both yummy and spicy.

4.     Instant Pot Pork Roast

As they say, when in doubt, always go for pork roast! This is one of the easiest dinner meals to prepare because all it requires is your attention. There is no complicated recipe to follow, and if you’ve made pork before, you know it cooks really fast.

All you need to do is throw in pork shoulders alongside carrots and potatoes and you’re good to go if you have an instant pot the better because this way, you’ll have a healthy homemade meal in less than an hour.

Now that your pork is cooked, what will you serve it with? If you want to get the flavors flowing, then you should go for brown veggies.

To begin with, sauté your vegetables. Add olive oil to your instant pot and let it get hot. Note that you don’t have to use olive oil for cooking because it can be quite expensive. Add your vegetables to the pot and let them sauté for about three minutes. Make sure that you cook your pork until it is brown because it’s really delicious when it’ crispy.

5.     Beef and Mashed Potatoes

If you love potatoes in all shapes and forms, this is an excellent idea for you. If you have an oven, you can roast the beef under low heat to ensure it’s well cooked. Potatoes are quite easy to prepare because all you’ll need is potatoes, olive oil, salt, and onions.


If you thought that there are no recipes you can try as a student, you were wrong. These dinner ideas ensure that you practice self-care through cooking.


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