11 Staple Oktoberfest Food You Will Need In Your Own Feast


In a perfect world, it would be October right now and you would be in Bavaria enjoying all the Oktoberfest fun and excitement. But the world is not perfect. It’s not October and I’m certain that you’re not in Bavaria right now (if you are, then stop reading this article at this moment and go explore the place), so the best that you could do is to bring Oktoberfest to you.

Lucky you, bringing Oktoberfest to you is pretty easy as you could opt to have an Oktoberfest feast right at the very comfort of your home. If you’re longing for all the fun and joy that Oktoberfest brings and you want to experience it now, you just need to get hold of the following staple foods during Oktoberfest and we promise you that you would easily feel like you’re actually partying and having fun in Bavaria! Enjoy!

1. Roast Chicken

Delicious roast chicken is all over the place during Oktoberfest. During Oktoberfest, spit-roasted chicken with crispy golden-brown skin is made available to all. You may not have a rotisserie but you can easily make a lemon-thyme roast chicken with your oven. PRO TIP: To ensure that the chicken gets a supremely crispy skin, rub a lemon-and-thyme butter over the chicken just before you put it in the oven.

2. Roast Pork or Schweinebraten

You can make this classic Bavarian dish with different pork cute. You can use shoulder cuts and even loin! To get the real Oktoberfest feel, roast it with onions and dark beer. You can easily make the dish by using pounded pork tenderloin smothered in mustard and onion.

3. Roasted Ham Hock or Schweinshaxe

All beer halls have this Oktoberfest delight. This is a particular favorite because you have roasted ham hock or pig knuckles that are tender on the inside but super crispy on the outside. You would be surprised at how easy it is to make it by yourself! PRO TIP: Andrew Zimmern’s roasted ham hock recipe is the best and easiest to execute. You’re very much welcome.

4. Grilled fish on a stick or Steckerlfisch

This exquisite dish is simple and you can make it with sardines. Simply marinate your fish, have it skewered, and then grill it. It’s usually made using bream (a local Bavarian fish), but you can also use mackerel or trout. To make it easier for you, use sardines!

5. Sausages Or Würstl

Sausages, sausages, sausages! Who doesn’t love Bavarian sausages? Würstl though particularly refers to classic Bavarian sausages. They go best with mustard! To make it more exciting you can sauté it with apple sauerkraut and the forever delicious bacon.

6. Pretzels or Brezen

Oktoberfest won’t be complete without pretzels! They’re a classic staple because they go well with beer. You can easily make your own by simply looking up recipes online. PRO TIP: Look for recipes for German-style pretzels for they have a totally different feel!

7. Potato Or Flour Dumplings Or Knödel

This dish is popular not just in Bavaria but in Central Europe. They are the ultimate comfort food because they are large and dense potato dumplings. Think gnocchi, but rustic! They may technically be Hungarian but they totally have the Oktoberfest spirit in them. Hence, they’re a staple.

8. Cheese Noodles Or Käsespätzle

This is a delightful savory cheesy dish! Adding cheese with noodles is never a wrong combo, to begin with, so imagine a traditional egg noodle but cheesier and tastier. It gives off a delicious taste because it has small-curd cottage cheese and quark. So yes, it is an extremely cheesy dish. Definitely one for the cheese-lover in your life!

9. Potato Pancakes or Reiberdatschi

Potato pancakes go well with the whole Oktoberfest vibe. They can be had in a sweet or savory version. Its savory version comes with a salad while its sweet version is served with apple sauce.  You have to take note though that these potato pancakes are different from latkes. PRO TIP: If you’re craving for crispy and hot latkes, look for Andrew Zimmern’s awesome recipe.

10. Sauerkraut

Oktoberfest is not complete without Sauerkraut. You could be anywhere in Bavaria and you’d easily see a person eating this delicious pickled cabbage. It could even be you! Sauerkraut are so good because they go well with almost anything. If you feel like experimenting on it a little bit, you could mix cabbages with aromatic caraway and sweet apples! To know more about how popular Sauerkraut is, check out this Thirsty Swagman Oktoberfest article.

11. Spiced Cheese-butter Spread or Obatzda

Say hello to your new favorite spread! This spread is the secret to completing your Oktoberfest feast. Spiced cheese-butter spread is made of aged soft cheese that is mixed with a little bit of beer (the beer makes the spread extra special), butter, garlic, and easy-to-find spices like pepper, salt, and paprika! You can make an upscale version by using Dijon mustard, crème fraîche, farmer’s cheese, and, most importantly, butter.

Enjoy Your Feast

That’s it! You just need to get hold of all 11 staple Oktoberfest foods and we promise that you’d feel just like you’re back in Bavaria and partying the night away! Make it more fun by dedicating serious time and effort in curating beers that will be available for your feast. Because we both know, that as much as these staple foods make up Oktoberfest, it will never be complete without hearty amounts of beer. Enjoy!


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