Sauteed Artichoke Hearts – Finger food

If you and your family are looking for healthy alternatives to Game Day snacks, these could be it! Sauteed Artichoke Hearts are the perfect finger food to serve at any party!

This trip to Trader Joe’s I picked up Frozen Artichoke Hearts. When I was in California visiting my mom one of the nights we ate home they made these Artichoke Hearts.

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It was cheap, easy, and really good! I wasn’t even sure I liked artichoke hearts. You probably aren’t sure either. Most people who eat artichokes have them around the holidays for their family members stuffed artichokes.

Those are good but you don’t eat the actual shell of the artichoke which I never understood.

Sauteed Artichoke Hearts – Finger food

Anyways, this is super easy to make which of course is the only way to go when you live a busy schedule. I think that is the beauty of frozen vegetables. I wouldn’t normally go with frozen over fresh but when it comes to Artichoke Hearts, that’s the way to go.

After some research online, I have found that many people who try different brands of Artichoke Hearts prefer the Trader Joe’s over other competitors in super markets. This is because they stay fresh tasting and tender.

You can serve these Artichoke Hearts as a side dish to your meal, change it up. Or go for an appetizer while you are waiting for everything to cook. I’m sure these would also be delicious roasted with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil, lemon and parsley but today I decided to Sauté them in a pan.

I’m excited to find new ways to use artichoke hearts in recipes perhaps a stew, soup, or even a dip because they are really starting to grow on me. Now be careful if you are looking to make artichokes after reading this!

Don’t just get any brand as the results may not be the same. If you are a Trader Joe’s fan add this to your shopping list and keep it in your freezer for simple, easy and delicious meals.

What You Need:

  • 1 bag of Trader Joe’s Frozen Artichoke Hearts.
  • 2 cloves of minced garlic.
  • 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.
  • juice of half a lemon.
  • sprinkle of dried parsley or fresh if you have it on hand.

What To Do:

  1. Remove the artichoke hearts from the bag and rinse under warm water. Let sit in colander for a few minutes to defrost.
  2. Heat a saute pan with oil and then add minced garlic until lightly browned. Add in the defrosted Artichoke Hearts and sauté until they are hot, squeeze fresh lemon juice. Stop mixing and allow the Artichoke hearts to brown a little bit. Season with salt and pepper. (Don’t let garlic burn)
  3. Remove from pan and sprinkle with parsley. A delicious appetizer or side dish.

Is Flounder Fish Good For Your Family? Get Your Answer Now!

Everyone has been talking about flounder fish. What kind of fish is it? Is it edible? Let me answer this one right away, yes, it is. Is it good for your health? Is it tasty? What is the difference between a flounder and a halibut? Why is it that so many people care about this particular type of fish?


We have everything you will need to know about flounder fish: what it is, its nutrition, its taste, ways of cooking it, etc.

Just read right down below!

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Flounder: What Kind Of Fish Is It? Is It A Halibut?

It is often difficult to distinguish between a halibut and a flounder.

Why? Are they the same?

You see, they are both different types of flatfish. But flounder is a more general term for it and because halibut is sometimes called a flounder.

Then how can we identify a flounder fish? Try hard and follow these tips

Look at their eyes.

Flounders have two eyes located on one-sided of its head. The area that the eyes mitigate varies among flounder species. Considering the type of flounder, the lateral line can be straight or strongly curved.

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But what about a flounder fish and a halibut then?

Here’s the deal:

We can tell the difference between their size. The halibut can grow to a huge size. It can reach about 8 feet and its weight about 500 pounds. Meanwhile, the flounder fish are much smaller and usually grow up to 3 feet.

But that’s not the only thing!

The halibut has a large mouth with cone-shaped teeth while the flounder have prominent teeth and small mouth.

Another identity feature is the eyes of the halibut. The halibut eyes are on the right side while the eyes of flounder dependent on species.

You can find and catch the halibut near the bottom of the ocean while with the flounder, you can often find them on the ocean floor.

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Flounder And Nutrition: The Hard Truth

How to fillet a Flounder

Flounder is known to be a nutrient-rich food with 24 grams of high-quality proteins per 200 grams of cooked portion serving. In fact, flounder is the primary source of amino acids and contains the full range of essential amino acids. Proteins are essential in maintaining organs, muscles, and tissues in all body cells.

What’s more, flounder is also known as one of the lowest fatty fishes consumed in the world, especially the saturated fats. It contains only 5 grams of fat including just 1.2 grams of saturated fat per 200 grams.

In total, the fish contains about 190 calories and that makes it a relatively low-energy food. This is quite a good choice of food for people who are on diet.

Flounder contains a range of minerals and vitamins, many in small amounts. The fish contains high levels of sodium, 700 milligrams per 200 grams. That’s almost a third of your recommended 2,300 milligrams maximum per day.

It is also a rich source of phosphorous for healthy bones and strong teeth, magnesium for controlling the pressure of the blood and blood sugars, vitamins B for converting food into energy.

However, the fish has no vitamin C and low levels of calcium and iron – three important dietary substances.

Fish oils in flounder are in low amount and less nutritious than other fish such as mackerel and salmon, which is also why you would probably never see anyone selling flounder fish oils.

How Do You Fillet A Flounder Fish?

Flounder vs Halibut

Let me tell you this, filleting a flounder or other type of flat fish is quite different from filleting a normal fish such as mackerel or salmon.

Because of its bone structure, there are four fillets on the fish – two on the top and two on the bottom.

However, it is often to fillet the two bigger ones from both sides of the fish because the two smaller does not worth the effort.

Remember, use a proper filleting knife is essential to get the job done properly just like when filleting any type of fish.

This fact is even more important when filleting flatfish than when filleting round fish.

Here Are 6 Steps For You Fillet Flounder Fish:

  • Step 1. Scale the fish carefully. Rinse frequently to make it more easy when scaling. Then, cut at the center of the fish, across just behind the stomach and just behind the head.
  • Step 2. Cut outward from the center to the ribs and cut along the spine to the fins.
  • Step 3. Take out the fillet that you just cutted from the outer edges of the carcass
  • Step 4. Repeat the above step on the back session and both halves of the other side.
  • Step 5. (Optional) Carefully skin the meat, starting from the tail end.
  • Step 6. Immediately rinse each fillet and put these on ice or in a refrigerator.

What Does Flounder Fish Taste Like Then?

After filleting, the flounder fish can be cooked in various ways to help us able to feel their taste: the firm texture of the fish, the mild and sweet taste of it.

The flounder fish can be fried, baked or even eat fresh with lemon, salt. With right ingredient and chef, this is the best plate for people who are trying to taste fish for the first time.

There are a lot of recipes that you can find online to cook the flounder fish: Browned Butter Flounder with Lemon Snap Peas, Baked Flounder with Dill and Caper Cream Sauce, Baked Flounder with Fresh Lemon Pepper…

In Conclusion

We can consider flounder fish as an excellent food source with good nutrition and excellent taste.

The only downside is that this is a flatfish so it’s a little bit hard to fillet. You will need a skilled chef or a large amount of practice time on the flounder fish to be able to fillet and taste its flavor.

Hopefully, this article can help you know more about flounder fish and see what dish of seafood you are going to eat next time.

What Does Jackfruit Taste Like?

Jackfruit – a tropical fruit that contained a lot of nutritious ingredients for your body. Just as the name suggests, this fruit has a quite weird look and texture. If you are not born in tropical regions, here I have all the details you should know about this amazing fruit.

Let’s find out!

What Is Jackfruit?

To begin with, jackfruit is a typical fruit in tropical countries such as Thailand and Vietnam. The word “jackfruit” comes from the Portuguese language “jaca.” It is now enjoyed all around the world, either to eat raw or to cook.

Jackfruit tastes and smells amazing

Some people may mistake jackfruit with durian as it as similar appearance. In fact, the two fruits differ starkly. The skin of jackfruit is less rough and thorny than durians. Another huge difference is that durian has a very strong odor that some people may not like it. Jackfruit, meanwhile, tastes and smells amazing.

Jackfruit is a favorite ingredient in vegan recipes as when cooked, and it can taste the same as pulled pork. Its texture and colors also make vegan recipes a whole lot more appetizing.

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Nutritious Benefits

I do not know if you know this or not, but jackfruit is super healthy for our health. It contains a huge amount of nutrition that cannot be found elsewhere. Below are some health benefits of this tropical fruit you should know.

Rich in vitamins and minerals

Besides containing a huge amount of vitamins and minerals, jackfruit also provides some key elements to delay the aging process. What makes it unique is the richness of protein. It can provide up to 3g of protein per cup compared to 0-1g in other fruits.

  • Vitamin C: helps reduce chronic diseases such as cancer and heart diseases
  • Flavanones: helps stabilize cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Carotenoid: provide important nutrition for better eyesight and bone health

Jackfruit provides a huge amount of nutrition we all need

Prevent Diseases

  • Improve immune system: as jackfruit is rich in vitamins A and C, it helps prevent diseases naturally. Eating a moderate portion per day can reduce the risk of infections significantly.
  • Heart health: due to its huge amount of potassium, antioxidants, and fiber, eating jackfruit is one of the best ways to keep your heart healthy.
  • Cure skin problems: we all know antioxidants are good for skin. Besides, vitamin C in jackfruit is also proved to keep the skin shiny.

However, that does not mean you can eat jackfruit however you like. As nutritious as it is, if you consume a huge amount all at once, chances are your blood sugar will go up significantly, which is obviously not good. In many cases, this can add up to your weight if you do not pay attention to your diet.

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What Does Jackfruit Taste Like?

What Does Jackfruit Taste Like?

How To Eat And How To Cut

Before getting into details about how it tastes, let’s discuss a little bit how to eat jackfruit. You can eat it however you like. Whether you eat it raw or cook it, it both tastes amazing.

One more question: how to cut jackfruit? Well, it is quite challenging to cut a jackfruit as it has a very sticky sap. I recommend you buy jackfruit in the supermarket where it has been cut clean and clear. In case you want to cut it on your own, you had better get a good knife and pork to pull the meat away from the skin.

How Does It Taste?

Unlike durian which may get mixed opinions about its taste, jackfruit mostly receives positive feedback. It is nothing like a banana, mango, pineapple or any fruit on earth.

It is surprisingly tasty with a texture similar to pulled pork. Sweet and quite tender, jackfruit has become a favorite fruit of many people.

Speaking of its smell, some people said it is a combination of kimchi, pineapple and is not actually meaty as you imagine in your head. You will never find anything with that same smell. Jackfruit is an interesting ingredient that you should add to your daily diet.

Final Thoughts

Jackfruit tastes delicious. Even though its look may not seem attractive and appetizing, many people have fallen in love with it and use jackfruit as the main ingredient in their daily diet. It looks like pulled pork, but it is not meaty, yet very sweet, firm and smooth. It will melt in your mouth in your first try.

What Does Cottage Cheese Taste Like And How To Eat With Cottage Cheese

What Does Cottage Cheese Taste Like And How To Eat With Cottage Cheese

Meta: You will be provided with useful and practical knowledge about what does cottage cheese taste like, health benefits and how to eat with the cheese.


If you are looking for healthy cheese for your diet, cottage cheese should be on the top of the list. You could buy the cheese easily at any grocery store or supermarket. However, do you know what does cottage cheese taste like and how can you cook it? If not, you are going to find out the answer in the article.

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What is cottage cheese?

Cottage cheese is a fresh and low-calorie cheese made from cow milk. The thing that makes cottage cheese different from other types of cheese is that it doesn’t require any aging or ripening process to get the flavor. In fact, it is quite easy to make cottage cheese, and you even can do it at home.

The invention of cottage cheese is also a funny story when people in the 17th century came up with the recipe to make cheese from milk left over after making butter.

What does cottage cheese taste like?

Ironically, the taste of cottage cheese is the main reason why many people don’t like to eat it. It has a mild flavor and odd smell. The cottage cheese is white and has soft and creamy texture, but it is a little salty.

In fact, the flavor of the cottage is determined by the milk fat content. High fat cottage cheese has a milkier taste while cheese with low-fat content is usually sourer.

When it comes to its smell, may people say AWFUL? In fact, many people are so scared of the smell of the cheese. It smells like spoiled milk somehow, and of course, no one wants to put the spoiled into his/her mouth. Some people even say that it smells like vomits.

The texture of cottage also makes many people scared.  It is the combination of the chunky/lumpy texture and a little liquid consistency, and it looks purdy. It is really scary for people to bite the cheese for the first time. But if we skip the scary smell and taste, cottage cheese is worth adding to our food intake.

Why is cottage cheese so healthy?

Cottage cheese is truly a highly recommended food for a healthy diet thanks to incredible to our health and body.

Cottage cheese helps to lose weight and fat and boost muscle growth

Since the cottage is rich in protein while low in fat, it is an ideal food for a weight-loss plan. Not to mention, cottage cheese creates the feeling of fullness, which means we don’t feel hunger and therefore, reduce the amount of food intake.  Especially, the high content of calcium in cottage cheese is proved to prevent fat accumulation and stimulate fat loss.

If you are a bodybuilder, you are sure to add cottage cheese to your diet. It is due to the richness of protein of cottage helps to stimulate the growth of muscle and reduce muscle break down. Body-builders are recommended to eat cottage cheese before going to bed.

Increase bone strength

Obviously, we have got to know that cottage cheese has a large amount of protein and calcium. Besides, it also contains phosphorus. It is the combination of these nutrients which helps to boost the bone strength.

Prevent insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is among main causes of the development of diabetes and heart diseases. Luckily, the food rich in dairy calcium like cottage cheese does a good job in reducing insulin resistance. So, you don’t want to have diabetes and diseases, try to eat more and more cottage cheese from now on.

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How to eat with cottage cheese

Now comes to the most important part: how to eat with cottage cheese. In fact, you can eat fresh cottage cheese with just some salt and pepper, but you need to be brave enough to put into your mouth.

If you start eating cottage cheese, you’d better try low-fat cottage cheese because it tastes more like other cheese or you may mix the cheese with sliced banana, sliced peach or berries, which makes the cheese easier to eat.

You know, using cottage cheese as the substitute for milk in dishes is a great way to cut down on fat and calories. So, you may use cottage cheese as a substitute for dishes like pancakes, waffles, dipping sauces and lasagna.

Among the dishes, lasagna is the most complicated dish with requires a lot of ingredients like beef, oregano, pepper, salt, parsley, onion, and sauce. Also, you have to undergo many steps with a lot of cooking equipment like microwave, oven, and pan (red copper pan). But it is a delicious and nutrient dish.


Well, you have got to know key point about cottage cheese like what does cottage cheese taste like, its health benefits and how to eat with cottage cheese. Despite the odd texture, taste, and smell, the cottage is a notorious and healthy food that you should include in your diet. You know, it can help you to lose weight, increase muscles, improve bone strengths and prevent disease.

You can use cottage cheese for both sweet and savory dishes, so trying to get over the fear of the smell and taste of the cheese. Maybe one day you will be addicted to it.